Fire Emblem


2019 is both a big year for RPGs and a slow one. Tons of really anticipated RPGs and long, storied franchises are either finally coming back or dipping their toe into new territory, but oddly enough the majority of these big releases happened early on in the year. Thankfully there are still plenty of (hopefully) amazing titles coming later in the year so let’s check out what the most anticipated RPGs that are coming out later this year! 5. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth The latest game in the fan service fueled handheld adaptation of the Persona franchise Persona Q2 is on its way to the 3DS! Adding onto the already jam-packed cast from the first title, Q2 also adds the Phantom thieves from Persona 5, and a few original characters new to the sequel. The gameplay of this sequel has been simplified to appeal to the audience brought in…