After releasing a teaser trailer just one day prior, Gearbox delivered a press conference at PAX East on Thursday that many Borderlands fans have been anticipating for quite some time. No, I’m not talking about Randy Pitchford’s demonstration of his magic skill. On top of the foreshadowed Borderlands 3, here are all of the announcements from Gearbox’s PAX East showcase. Pathologic 2 Gets a Release Date The strangely-named Pathologic 2, which is actually a remake of the 2005 cult classic Pathologic rather than a proper sequel, got a release date of May 23rd, 2019. The game is being published by tinyBuild of Hello Neighbor fame in cooperation with Gearbox and will be released in chapters through Steam. Risk of Rain 2 The sequel to Hopoo Games’ popular rogue-like takes the series from the 2nd dimension into the 3rd. A third-person co-op game being published by Gearbox, it’s a bit of…