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Best Squid Game Video Game – Squid Game Copy Cat VG Tier List

What is the best Squid Game video game out there? We take a look at that, focusing primarily at the top with the real squid game experience and moving down further into more similar games that aren’t exact copy cats or replicas, but embody the spirit of squid games. Finally we have at the bottom, basically, what you shouldn’t probably play and go search for another tier list for some other game because games at the very bottom just… aren’t fun.

Without further ado, here’s our list:

S Tier – Roblox

Roblox is the literal S Tier of Squid Game right now. You’ve got red light, green light. You’ve got the honeycomb. Thenou’ve got marbles and tug of war. The night fight scene. You’ve got the glass jump and in the end you usually get a death match for the actual literal squid game.

The fun thing about Roblox is you get to try so many maps, in so many different ways and they all work very smoothly (especially the popular ones). As an added bonus, with the popularity of the maps, you can always find full lobbies and the best ones again aren’t janky.

Roblox google search text of results showing Roblox and Squid Game
You know it be some good Squid Game time when Google is all in on displaying Squid Game in the search results for “Roblox.”

A Tier – Squid Game Similar Games

These include Danganronpa (all of the visual novel style games), Zero Escape, World’s End Club and a lot of other death game style visual novels exist out there that have the whole Squid Game energy. Lots of them were “squid game” before “squid game” if you will. While not exact replicas, they do a good job of emulating the same atmosphere.

For instance, Zero Escape starts off with you in a boat having to choose different paths based on what information you get. You have to restart these paths with what you learn to figure out the best way through. So not red light green light.

Danganronpa is like a Phoenix Wright style game where you go around finding clues and then use it to determine who is the killer. So not squid game but, pretty close.

Among Us is kind of like Squid Game as well, as an honorable mention.

Z Tier – Squid Game Mobile Anything

There’s a lot of Squid Game mobile copycats. They’re horrible, terrible and you shouldn’t even consider installing them. They all universally suck and are quick cash grabs. The assets they use are usually just total garbage.

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