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Wayfinder Tier List – Picking the Best Class

Choosing The Best Class in Wayfinder

Wayfinder has several options for classes and we’re here to help you pick the best. Our tier list covers both solo and group content. Our S Tier picks are going to be your absolute best picks and we go into details why along with with some other choices and some classes we’d consider more situational.

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Tier List

  • S Tier – Niss, Kyros
  • A Tier – Venomess
  • B Tier – Senja
  • C Tier – Wingrave, Silo

There are currently six classes in Wayfinder. We cover the reasoning behind our tier list below.

S Tier

The S Tier contains the two strongest, most well-rounded classes that excel in nearly all situations. These classes are powerful right out of the gate, relatively easy to play, and highly desired by groups.

As a shadow assassin, Niss utilizes high mobility, stealth, and precision to quickly shred enemies. Her unique dodging mechanics make her tricky to master, but rewarding to play. With strong burst potential, self-sustain, and high skill ceiling, Niss is one of the deadliest classes in both solo and group play.

An arcane battlemage, Kyros leverages raw mystical energy to obliterate groups of foes from range. With spammable AoE abilities and high damage, Kyros excels at clearing out enemies. His fragile nature requires smart positioning, but in the right hands, he brings unmatched damage and flashiness.

A Tier

A Tier classes are powerful, desired picks that are easy to learn but challenging to master. They may have some weaknesses, but overall provide excellent utility.

As a venomous gunslinger, Venomess cripples enemies with status effects and high damage-over-time from her toxins. She also provides ally healing and buffs. Her versatility, AoE pressure and support capabilities make her extremely valuable in group play.

B Tier

B Tier contains solid classes that are viable for all content but may require more effort to shine. They have clear strengths but also defined weaknesses.

This heavily armored gladiator excels at close-quarters combat with her fists and massive greatsword. With strong AOE crowd control and ally buffs, Senja makes an excellent tank and frontline fighter. However, her lack of ranged pressure and slow mobility reduce her versatility.

C Tier

C Tier classes can still succeed but generally require more effort to unlock their potential. They may fill niche roles or struggle with certain combat scenarios.

As a crusader-paladin archetype, Wingrave acts as an excellent healer and protector. However, his weak offensive pressure leaves him relying on allies to deal damage. He thrives with the right team composition but struggles on his own.

Using traps, gadgets, and trickery, Silo controls the battlefield and sets up combos from range. However, his lack of burst damage and passive playstyle requires precise execution. In the right hands, he enables allies fantastically, but otherwise feels underwhelming.


Wayfinder has several classes and some may complete content quicker than others, but there’s no content locked behind any specific class. So don’t fret if you don’t pick the S Tier pick – every class can do just as well as any other and with updates, one class that’s S Tier today may be B Tier tomorrow. Go out there and have fun!

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