Gift Extra Storage this Holiday Season

I’m serious, the title says it all. Trying to come up with a gift for the holidays? Extra storage. Google One is an example, anyone who made a Gmail account in the early 2000s is likely running out of storage and a year ($20) is a massive boon for those who are having to debate deleting virtual history in exchange to continue receiving email. It also helps with any Android user, who then has a massive extra amount of space to back their phone up and other helpful things, like the ability to call Google for technical support.

You can even share a family plan, which is another great way to help. Both Google and Apple allow that.

There is Apple storage, it’s about the same dollarish a month. You save more buying a whole year and gifting storage is simple: Go into the Apple Store, choose what you want to gift and gift it away. There is also paying for OneDrive, DropBox and a plethora of other space.

Hard Drives have been on fire sales this Black Friday / Cyber Week / Green Week / every day is a holiday. External drives, USB sticks and more are helpful as we continue to collect more and more games. I just recently had to add another 2TB drive to finally have to stop the dance of deleting a game to download one.

Really though, storage isn’t thought of a lot as a gift but right now, I think it’s a nifty one. It’s inexpensive, thoughtful and a huge quality of life boost. Definitely something to consider this holiday.

If you’re thinking about tech gift cards, I’m a big proponent of asking the person what specifically they could use and then surprising them by giving them exactly what they said. The reason being is simple: an iTunes card might not be the best for someone subscribe to Apple Arcade right now, but for instance paying for their Apple Arcade (or gifting an Apple Arcade) subscription could be helpful. I’d love an Apple Arcade subscription this holiday season.

There are many ways to think outside the box. I hope this helps with coming up with cool unique gifts this holiday season.

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