10 Big Tips to Being Better at Black Desert Online

Let's take things to the next level.

Pearl Abyss’ massive online multiplayer Black Desert Online just hit the Xbox One early this year. On top of that, a PlayStation 4 port of the game is currently in development. With that in mind, we have developed ten quick tips to help new Black Desert Online players achieve their goals. Check them out below.

  • You can upgrade your gear if you don’t want to buy new loot from the market. If you want to boost your gear without buying an entire new set, simply acquire some black stones from the Black Spirit. You can enhance your equipment with these items.\
  • You can reap a powerful reward every day. Every 24 hours, you can access your Reward tab to activate your Daily Grinding Hour bonus. You can either choose a 200% combat experience boost for 30 minutes or a 100% boost for an entire hour.
  • You can boost your energy by speaking to NPCs. Energy is an important resource in Black Desert Online, so you are going to need a lot of it. One quick way to earn some energy is to speak with every NPC noted with a golden mark. You may also earn energy by gaining knowledge on various aspects of the game’s universe.
  • Buy a trade pack ASAP. If you want to boost your strength score, then you are going to need to equip a trade pack and begin walking around the world of BDO. You can purchase a trade pack from various vendors.
  • You can fish if you want money early on. At least for the early game, fishing is a relatively easy way to earn some extra cash. You will have to make your way to Velia to purchase a fishing rod from Crio. Next, make your way to the sea and activate the auto-fishing function. You can collect Ancient Relic Crystal Shards through this tactic, earning you some serious coin.
  • You cannot earn combat experience from most quests. The only quests that grant you combat experience are Black Spirit Quests. Outside of that, you will have to fight monsters to earn experience.
  • If you are new to the game, consider picking the Wizard class. The Wizard class offers a powerful spell, known as Magic Lighthouse, which will be useful to you in the early game. Beyond that, the class has been commended by many players as being rather straightforward and effective in both PvE and PvP for new players.
  • Get yourself a horse. In most MMOs, horses are simply a nifty way to get around quickly. In BDO, this is simply not the case. Horses can learn skills, be used in battle, can be bred or even sold for incredible sums.
  • Your alt accounts share quite a lot. Leveling up an alternative character can be a chore sometimes. But, BDO makes the process easy and fun. All of your characters share the same family name, guild membership, homes, contribution points and storage.
  • Don’t forget about your contribution points. Contribution points in BDO are quite a useful resource. You earn them by doing a number of things, including completing quests, gaining knowledge on certain things within the BDO universe, alchemy and cooking. You can use these points to purchase nodes or to build your “Worker Empire” for a quick profit.

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