Top Tips and Tricks for New Players – A Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide

Want to master this role-playing adventure? Read on.

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Larian Studios released the phenomenal Divinity Original Sin II back in 2018. The game was a critical success and managed to only grow the series’ already massive fanbase. With new players still pouring in every day, we have developed a quick guide of tips and tricks for players to enjoy.

  • Find the teleportation gloves. The teleportation gloves can be found early on in the game and give you access to the quite powerful teleportation spell. This spell is useful both within and out of combat, so you are going to want to nab these gloves as quick as you can. Speak to Gawin in Fort Joy and he will mention the gloves. West of the fort, you will find the gloves near some crocodiles along a beach.
  • Tip your merchants. You can gift items to merchants in Divinity Original Sin II by selling your items to them without balancing out the gold costs. This will obviously cost you resources in the short run. However, you will earn generous discounts with these merchants in the long run.
  • Take advantage of incarnates. Summoning magic is quite powerful in Divinity Original Sin II. Among the powerful spells within the domain are incarnates. Summoning these creatures will turn the tide of battle in your favor more often than not.
  • Don’t give up on dialogue easily. If you get shut down during a dialogue with an NPC, don’t fret. One feature that makes a large difference when speaking to NPCs is race. If you are not having any luck swaying an NPC, have one of your other party members speak to the character. Each party member gets their own dialogue, granting you multiple chances to sway the NPC to your way of thinking.
  • You can never have too many healers. The regeneration spell is a phenomenal tool to add to your collection. With this spell, you can ensure that your party is always at full health and ready for battle. To that end, it is suggested that you have multiple party members know the spell so that you can keep your party’s health up.
  • You need pet pal. The pet pal perk allows you to talk to animals, which will open up a bevy of new quests and general dialogue opportunities. If you do not wish to add the perk to your main characters, don’t fret. You can always grant pet pal to another party member. Ifan, for instance, is a potential party member that will already know the perk.
  • Keep a bedroll handy. The bedroll item allows you to heal each of your party members at a blistering rate when out of combat. Consequently, keeping this item handy will save you an incredible amount of time.
  • Some races have special abilities. People of the lizard race can dig holes without shovels. Meanwhile, people of the skeleton race can pick locks without lockpicks. Perhaps most strangely, people of the elven race can learn skills from eating body parts.
  • You can use bless to turn ponds into healing springs. If you cast the spell bless on a pond of water, that water will gain healing powers. Now every time you or a party member step into the water, the pond will provide healing properties.
  • Use barrels to your advantage. You will notice large, explosive barrels during your travels. If your character is strong enough, you can actually pocket these barrels for later use. If you find yourself having difficulties with a combat sequence, set up an ambush with the barrels for a special edge when the fighting starts.

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