Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Achievement Guide

Let's go achievement hunting.

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The Atelier series has been alive and well for over two decades. Now the latest title in the series, Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, has made its way to North America. Within the game, players can explore the fantastic world of Arland as they work to improve their alchemy through wonderful adventures.

With the game having just recently made its way to the United States, a new hoard of players are now jumping into this exciting title. To that end, we have developed a quick guide for all of the achievement hunters out there.

Achievement List

Eureka MomentSolved the first riddle.
The AlchemyriddleLearned that the book is named the “Alchemyriddle.”
To Arland!Left Arklys.
The Caller of StormsMet Wind Stone.
Unforgotten AlchemySynthesized the mementos of Rorona, Totori, and Meruru.
First SynthesisConducted first synthesis.
The Magician and the CaptainMet the mysterious magician and the militia captain.
Blue Shadow and Black SteelReceived help from Totori and Sterk.
A New SignOpened Atelier Lulua.
Party TimeCelebrated with a party for everyone.
Guardian BattleFought the Sea Guardian.
Handing Over the ReinsObserved the transfer of authority to Stia.
The Two LuluasMet Lulua from another world.
Summer BreakEnjoyed a holiday with everyone.
The Finest Curry for YouMade curry for the children of the orphanage.
The Devil Dances at NightDestroyed the magic crystal.
The Ultimate ShowdownMade the ultimate sword for Aurel.
Vow of AbstinenceDealt with a drunken Piana.
Sea HuntWitnessed the prayer for marine safety.
Mom’s CookingReceived Rorona’s recipe book.
Standing TogetherRorona and Sterk made up.
The Children and the SteelRescued the children with Benon of the Black Steel.
Together with EvaViewed Eva’s ending.
Traveling MagiciansViewed Ficus’s ending.
Aurel’s Quest for True StrengthViewed Aurel’s ending.
Piana and the Alchemy ClassViewed Piana’s ending.
Niko and the AdventurersViewed Niko’s ending.
Time to DepartViewed Rorona and Sterk’s ending.
The Union of Alchemy and CurryViewed the curry ending.
Busy DaysViewed the normal ending.
Her ChoiceViewed the true ending.
The Road to True MightReached maximum Battle Level.
Alchemy MasterReached maximum Alchemist Level.
Mystery SolvedSolved all chapters in the Alchemyriddle, including the Chapter of Blank Pages.
Secret RecipesSolved all hidden pages in the Alchemyriddle.
Adventurous GirlExplored 100 percent of all Gathering Spots.
To New HeightsSuccessfully synthesized an item with a quality of 500 or more.
Herculean Spirit Synthesized a Herculean Symbol.
Face My Ultimate Attack!Activated all Ultimate Attacks.
Strength in FriendshipActivated all Primal Arts.
Beyond AdmirationSynthesized all recipes.
Lulua’s AnswerDefeated Wind Stone.
Stia’s RescueDefeated GX3_FS.
Parallel Universe SavedDefeated GX3_FS2.
Freedom for the SkiesDefeated Sky Ruler Edra.
Celestial ThreatDefeated Celestial Emperor Adralda.
Eternal RegentDefeated the Ancient Dragon King.
The Truth of the FallenDefeated the Forgotten Ruler.
Proof of MightDefeated the Machina of God.

For additional guide information on Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, check out the YouTube page Primalliquid. Through this channel, you can find walkthroughs and general information concerning the riddles, ruins and various other portions of the game.

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