DISGAEA RPG Reroll Guide

So when you first start DISGAEA RPG, you’re given the chance to pick a 4* character. Unlike other mobile games that require you to delete their data and restart and go through tutorial after tutorial to get your first roll, DISGAEA RPG does things differently. You’re given the chance to roll over and over until you get the character you want.

DISGAEA RPG has shut down as of 2023. This article is now considered archived in order to remember the history of the game and for use should the mobile app return to active status in the future.

What Character Is the Best Starting Character


You can find out more details on our tier list.

How to Reroll

In the current US / Global release, it’s very simple. After you go through some of the starting story you’re basically given a free 4* and then the option to not accept it and reroll over and over again. Very easy! You don’t have to delete your data files or anything. Just be sure not to accept your character.

In the JP version you may have to follow the below directions, with some players saying the iOS version just needs to be deleted and reinstalled. With the global release, there isn’t much reason to play on the JP version and I haven’t personally tested this advice.

How to Start Over

If you mess up and click the wrong button and accept a character that you don’t want then you’ll need to start over.

For Android, you’ll want to Settings -> Apps -> DISGAEA RPG and then delete its data. Then restart the game. You may need to delete the game and reinstall in-between steps. Some players say they have to change the filename of Storage/Android/obb/com.boltrend.disgaea.en and then revert it after clearing the game data.

For iOS you will need to click the options when the game loads up to change accounts and switch from using Gamecenter to Facebook or something else. On the start screen you should see the menu option which will let you switch accounts.

Hope this is helpful and gets you started in this fun RPG adventure super fast!

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