Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest Achievement Guide

Here are all of the achievements you are going to want to get your hands on.

Video game development company Almost Human, the creators behind the highly popular title Legend of Grimrock, have come forward with another stunning title. This time around, the highly talented studio has developed a tactical, turn-based RPG called Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest.

This game provides stunning visuals through a unique and breathtaking art style, while also testing the player’s cunning and wit through some intensely strategic turn-based action.

With players now flocking in droves to try out the latest game from Almost Human, we have developed a quick achievement guide for those of you looking to 100% this stunning title.

Guide to Success

In order to earn every achievement in Druidstone, you are going to want to beat the game twice. Some achievements, such as “All Stars,” will require you to replay certain missions until you complete them under certain circumstances. However, you will also need to complete the entire game on hard difficulty.

Consequently, it is suggested that you breeze through the game on the easiest difficulty first. This way, you can spend your time attempting to complete a majority of the game’s achievements under minimum stress.

After you have finished the game for your first time, you will want to finish the title on hard mode. Completing all of these achievements will take time and patience. That being said, you should have no problem earning them all if you use a little determination and perseverance. To that end, check out the full list of achievements for Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest down below.

Complete GameComplete all main campaign missions.
All StarsComplete all missions with three stars.
Basilisk BaneKill both Basilisks in The Pyriform Egg.
Dead Magic ZoneComplete a non-tutorial mission without using any spells.
R.I.P.Defeat the Master Haunt.
Fist FighterComplete a non-tutorial mission without any weapons equipped.
HoarderGain 20 power gems.
LooterCollect a thousand gold pieces.
InvulnerableComplete a non-tutorial mission without taking any damage.
Puzzle MasterComplete all puzzle missions.
Speed RunnerComplete The Oakshield’s Demand under 90 seconds.
SupplierCollect all Steelface’s Crates.
TrapperLock an enemy into a cell.
Defeat the Ice DemonDefeat the Ice Demon.
Defeat the Mad EyeDefeat Mad Eye.
Defeat the NecromancerDefeat the Necromancer.
Defeat OghmaDefeat Oghma.
The WardenComplete all missions on Hard without completing any missions with other difficulty levels.
No Mercy!Kill 9 enemies with a single action.
Complete All MissionsComplete all missions on any difficulty level.

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