Endless World Sprint Guide – How to Win the Sprint

Endless World is an idle game and it has a cool feature sort of like Tap Titans 2 and other idle games where you enter into a 2 day contest to see who can get the furthest the fastest. How do you win this Sprint? Well, it’s actually not 100% pay to win. There are some strategies that you can use to take you to the top.

The first strategy is to babysit the game. Especially the further you get into the game. If you run out of inventory spaces, you can’t progress for instance. So you’ll need to clear your inventory. You’ll want to cash in encounters as soon as they’re done and run the gold dungeon if it’s up for instance. Outside of that, you’ll want the game open so you’re constantly advancing.

The next strategy is to avoid buying your tombstone and instead buy items from the store. Even cheap green ones are awesome, because for 30 gems you can go in and have them crafted into epic or legendary gear in exchange for steel. That’s going to get you through really far in the game without really having to deal with much in the way of constantly checking to equip new gear and keep you one hitting things for as long as feasible.

Good example, my max right now is level 700ish. I can buy stronger armor / weapons than what I have in my current tombstone, meaning it’ll take me all the way to where I was at before and then some.

The 30 gems is pretty cheap too for items, especially for your hero. So check the store and reset it. Take the green and craft it into something more powerful if you have the iron. If you want to “pay to win” you can buy a chest and outfit everyone, but that can be overkill.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is choose good farming heroes, like Sakura Chiyo (no higher than level 14). Make sure none of them are support, until you’re at your previous max level. The reason is that you’re going to blast through everything, especially with bought gear, that there is no need for heals. So put your supports away and make sure you have strong fast hitters.

That should get you well within the top 20. To get in the top 10, when you reach your max level you’re going to want to keep pushing as hard as you can and babysit more. Run more dungeons, keep upgrading your gear as fast as you can, anytime you can’t beat a boss spend your gold and do whatever it takes to get to the next level.

Other Advice:

  • The wolf tail is a good inexpensive perk. Gems each day = easy way to buy gear mostly guiltfree. More rewards from the rewound time challenge means you’ll zoom faster and easier past your previous max level.
  • Eva / Draculis / Bloodmoon Level allies really help with the push. Having good mercs that are leveled up nicely helps a ton.
  • Keep the game running overnight, while sleeping and make sure to clear your inventory out and do as much upgrading as you can. It helps with the push.
  • Save your dailies / anything that gives gold / etc. before you start your next push. That’ll help you a lot go further without having to interact so much.
  • Use hero medals to transform your 5 star heroes into something better.
  • Flee from PvP fights if you see them and they’re taking way too long to complete. Just click the surrender button.

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