Forager Top Tips, Chest Unlocks and Quest Guide

Want to make the most out of your Forager playthrough? Check out our guide down below.

HopFrog, S.A.’s Forager is taking Steam by storm. This Legend of Zelda inspired title manages to feel like the best parts of Stardew Valley and Terraria all at once. With that in mind, we have concocted a quick guide to help players make their way through this exciting title.

Quest Guide

NPCs within Forager will often provide quests to complete for item rewards. There are a lot of quests, which each offer their own demands. But, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Check out a breakdown of each quest down below.

There are five different biome locations within Forager. Each biome offers its own list of quests. Consequently, we are going to tackle each biome’s quest givers, quest requirements and quest rewards.

Grass Biome

Quest GiverQuest RequirementsQuest AdviceQuest Rewards
DruidBottled Torchbug x2 In order to obtain battled torchbugs, craft your bottles at the forge. Next, select a bottle within your hot bar and then click on a torchbug.Druid Scroll x2
DruidTree Sapling x30You will need the farming skill in order to build a windmill. Then chop down some trees so that you can obtain citrus. You can then use the citrus to craft tree saplings at the windmill. Each tree sapling requires 3 citrus.2 Small Chest
DruidDino EggYou first need to acquire a shovel. Then, hunt down digging spots within the fire biome and start digging.Big Chest

Desert Biome

Quest GiverQuest RequirementsQuest AdviceQuest Rewards
Ana Banana40 FlowersFlowers should not be too difficult to find. The only challenge here is the quantity of flowers you have to obtain.Ana’s Delight x2
Ana Banana2 Royal ClothingYou will need the craftsmanship skill in order to make this. Craft the item in a furnace by combining leather x1, ruby x1, emerald x1, topaz x1, amethyst x1 and thread x1.Pink Bow
Old ManGolden EggChickens drop eggs. However, there is a small chance that they will drop golden eggs. Consequently, you will have to farm eggs from chickens until one drops.Holy Relic

Graveyard Biome

Quest GiverQuest RequirementsQuest AdviceQuest Rewards
Goblin100 BonesFirst acquiring the necro rod item will make this quest easier. Skeletons drop bones and skeletons can be spawned with the necro rod. Consequently, you can use this item to easily farm bones.Big Chest

Winter Biome

Quest GiverQuest RequirementsQuest AdviceQuest Rewards
Ice Wizard10 BonesSkeletons only spawn in the Graveyard Biome, so head back over there to farm the creatures for bones. However, you will have to face off against four different copies of the Ice Wizard once you’re done.Big Chest
Ghost2 Demon HornThis NPC is invisible and will only appear once you try to walk past him. You can acquire demon horns from demons within the fire biome.Small Chest
GhostKapalaYou will have to acquire a shovel and then dig at digging spots within the graveyard biome in order to obtain this.Big Chest
Fox500 PoopBy using the windmill, you can craft animal seed. The animal seed can then be fed to cows in order to produce poop.Big Chest
Ghost NPC’s location. Image credit to

Fire Biome

Quest GiverQuest RequirementsQuest AdviceQuest Rewards
Tower Wizard20 CinderbloomYou will need a pickaxe to acquire these flowers from the fire biome.Mandragora, Liquid Luck and Wisdom Draught
Tower Wizard20 Green PigmentGreen pigment can be made through the inscription skill. You will need cactus fruit, seaweed and jelly.Wizard Scroll x2 and Sage Scroll x2
Tower Wizard200 CrystalsYou will have to build a quarry in order to mine crystals around the structure.Magic Scepter
Engineer10 Royal SteelRoyal steel can be made at a furnace through the craftsmanship skill. You will need steel x1, ruby x1, emerald x1, topaz x1, amethyst x1 and coal x8.Factory

Chest Locations

Within Forager, there are big chests. These chests each hold either a spirit orb or a random artifact. Consequently, these chests are rather highly sought after. Some chests are obtained by completing certain quests, as noted above. Others are discovered or rewarded for finishing certain puzzles. Either way, you will need a key to open each one. Here’s where you can find them.

Chest NumberBiome LocationLocation Within Biome
1GrassCan be found within the small island.
2GrassCan be found at the Rainbow Pond after finishing the relevant puzzle.
3GrassFound at the Land of the Four Pillars after finishing the relevant puzzle.
4DesertFound at Land of the Flowers after finishing the relevant puzzle.
5DesertFound at Land with Battery after finishing the relevant puzzle.
6DesertFound at Land with Eye Statue after finishing the relevant puzzle.
7DesertFound at Land with Moon Sword Obelisk after finishing the relevant puzzle.
8GraveyardFound at Land with Three Bells after finishing the relevant puzzle.
9GraveyardFound at Land with Skull Braziers after finishing the relevant puzzle.
10GraveyardFound at Land with Covered Pedestals after finishing the relevant puzzle.
11GraveyardFound at Mr. Hopfrog’s Island following the ‘Jester’s Quiz’ Quest.
12WinterFound at Land of the Stone Princess after finishing the relevant puzzle.
13WinterFound at Land with Frozen Chest after finishing the relevant puzzle.
14WinterFound at Land of the Fox Person after finishing the ‘Fox Person’ Quest.
15FireFound at Land of 12 Switches
after finishing the relevant puzzle.
16FireFound at Land with Dark Pillars after finishing the relevant puzzle.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Now that you have a firm grasp of the challenges that remain ahead of you, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

  • Don’t forget to make boots. At the forge, you can craft boots that will increase your movement speed. Being able to move around faster is a great way to speed up productivity early in the game.
  • You can construct things on bridges. It may seem that bridges are dead space sometimes, but don’t forget that you can mingle structures onto bridges just the same as most other spaces.
  • Energy is a valuable thing. Early in the game, you may find yourself low on energy. Make fish traps for an easy source of energy.
  • An easy way to level up is by using the bow. First, obtain the quiver item so that you will not need to craft arrows. Then, make a supply of XP boosting tomes like the Moldy Book or Hellfire Glyphs. Lastly, use your bow to blast away any destructible object in your path and watch the experience build.
  • An easy way to make money is to craft a quarry and a mining rod near each other. The quarry will spawn rocks that the mining rod can reduce to valuable resources.
  • You can’t automatically store items. If you want to store an item, then learn the storage skill and produce a vault.

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