Hearthstone Meta Deck Tier List – September 2019

Here are some of the meta's most popular decks right now.

Image credit to Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s new Savior of Uldum expansion is now in full swing. The update has shaken up the Hearthstone meta in a really interesting way. To that end, players are currently doing everything they can to master the new meta with interesting and unique strategies. If you want to stay at the top of your game, then you are going to need a powerful deck. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Below is a tier list of the top meta decks in Hearthstone right now. You can check out our breakdown of each tier just down below.

Tier List Descriptions

  • Tier S — These decks are incredibly strong right now. Highly popular and devastatingly effective, these decks are often comparatively safe bets.
  • Tier A — These decks are strong. While not as strong as the most popular decks in the current meta, these decks still see regular use and provide significant advantages on the board.
  • Tier B — These decks are average. Popular in play and always dependable, these decks are tried and true assurances for most players.
  • Tier C — These decks are acceptable. Not as popular as many of their counterparts, these decks are generally considered more difficult to fully utilize and are often only situationally useful.
  • Tier D — These decks are challenging. Often considered the least effective of the bunch, it is best to avoid these decks in favor of more advantageous options.

Every deck in Hearthstone is capable of providing hours and hours of fun. Every deck is also capable of bringing you victory. That being said, like with any game that receives constant patches, the overall meta of Hearthstone is always changing. Consequently, some deck builds will likely rise and fall in favor within the community over time. If you want to stay ahead of the crowd and make the most out of your decks, then check out how each deck is doing in the current meta right now.

This tier list was created using information from, and With every month, this tier list will be updated to accurately reflect the current Hearthstone meta. Check in again each month to see if your favorite deck has risen or fallen in the passing weeks.

Image credit to Blizzard Entertainment

This tier list was last updated to reflect the alterations made during the Aug. 26 update.


  • Mech Hunter
  • Secret Hunter
  • Bomb Warrior
  • Control Warrior
  • Token Druid
  • Murloc Shaman


  • Zoo Warlock
  • Khadgar Mage
  • Mech Paladin
  • Hooktusk Rogue
  • Freeze Mage
  • Cyclone Mage


  • Midrange Hunter
  • Big Shaman
  • Mech Priest
  • Control Shaman
  • Tempo Rogue


  • Burn Mage
  • Silence Priest
  • Heal Druid


  • Shudderwock Shaman
  • Thief Rogue

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