How to Get All Hidden Achievements in Muse Dash

Let's go achievement hunting.

Muse Dash is a fun and unique platformer that puts the player in control of an ensemble of memorable characters. While the game may first seem simple, there are many hidden details left to explore. If you want to find all of the game’s hidden achievements, check out the information provided below.

1. Almost Clear

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In order to earn this hidden achievement, you will have to fail. Choose any level 7+ song and make sure you are exhausted by the end of the tune. Stay at low HP during the song and make sure you are struck by the final note.

2. Almost Full Combo

Earn a single miss judgment during a level 7+ song. In other words, land one note short of a full combination.

3. Fall Down Again Where You Have Fell Down

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There are two different achievements for this. First, fail to clear a stage five times. However, it is important to note that you can not immediately fail the stage. You will need to complete a small portion of the stage before failing for the failure to register. For the second achievement, fail any single stage a total of ten times.

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4. Give Up Treatment

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Simply complete a level 7+ song without earning a Red Heart. The song “Milk” does not have red hearts, making it an optimum choice for this achievement.

5. Is That Ok?

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Clear a single song without knocking back a single enemy. You can complete this achievement with any level of song difficulty.

6. Life Is Hard

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You must fail to complete a single stage 20 times. You will have to complete some of the stage, however, for the failure to register.

7. Not One Less

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As it states above, you will have to complete all stage achievements to earn this. However, some players have reported that they received the achievement before completing every other achievement in Default Music.

8. The Pinnacle of Life


There are two achievements associated with this one. For the first one, you will need to earn 100% accuracy on a level 7+ song. For the next achievement, you will have to complete this process on a level 10+ song.

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9. Almost Perfect

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In order to earn this achievement, you will need to make a mistake. Earn “Perfect” judgments on every note except for the last note in a level 7+ song. Then, earn a “Great” judgment on the final note.

10. “D”

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Earning this achievement is rather easy, though it is certainly unique. Earn a “D” ranking ten times throughout your time playing Muse Dash. In order to earn a “D” ranking on a song, you will need to ensure that your accuracy rating remains below 50% during the song.

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