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198X Achievement Guide | Gaming Tier List

198X Achievement Guide

Let's go achievement hunting.

198X is something different. A breath of fresh air among the platformers and simulation games of the indie scene, 198X provides a unique blend of classic gaming genres. From old-school 2-D beat ’em ups to bullet hell shooters, 198X has something for everybody. If you are an achievement hunter, then this game will have a little something for you too.

Guide to Success

there are only 14 achievements within 198X. Two of those achievements are secret. The game offers only these handful of achievements. However, the achievements should also be a relative breeze to earn. You will need to complete each chapter under certain pretenses, such as only using super effective attacks or completing a section of the game without losing a life. With all of that in mind, it should still only take a relatively small amount of time to 100% this game. If you want to learn how to earn each and every achievement this fascinating game has to offer, then check out the list provided below.

Welcome to SuburbiaComplete Beating Heart
Back to schoolComplete Out of the Void
I drove all nightComplete The Runaway
DarklandsComplete Shadowplay
BlackoutComplete Kill Screen
Continue?Complete 198X (Secret)
Shadow dancerComplete Shadowplay without taking damage
Playing with powerCollect all power-ups in Shadowplay
Bare knuckleCollect all power-ups in Shadowplay
Kill ’em allDestroy every enemy in Out of the Void without losing a life
Hard drivin’Complete The Runaway without a single collision
MastermindComplete the Kill Screen maze using only super effective attacks
OverclockedReach level MAX in Kill Screen
Thank you for playingReach level MAX in Kill Screen

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