How to Make Money in No Man’s Sky VR (Beyond)

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No Man’s Sky Beyond is out now, allowing Virtual Reality players to fully enjoy the game. With that in mind, the VR community is now working hard to catch up with the rest of the No Man’s Sky crowd.

Luckily, there are a lot of nifty ways you can quickly build your proverbial empire if you are new to the game. Check out the tips below for a quick breakdown of how you can quickly make money in No Man’s Sky VR.

Trade Chlorine

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One of the most profitable substances in No Man’s Sky is chlorine. If you want to become a wealthy benefactor of the galaxy, then you are going to need to learn how to obtain it and sell it.

When it comes to farming chlorine, the name of the game is to always keep an eye out for organic rocks, submerged relics and floating crystals. Organic rocks can be farmed for unites of chlorine. Meanwhile, submerged relics and floating crystals are great sources for chlorine latices. This substance can be refined into 150 units of chlorine a piece.

Lastly, you can mine salt and refine it into chlorine. The process is fairly efficient at a 2:1 ratio.

A single piece of chlorine can sell for over 600 units, so make sure to stock up on this valuable resource by always keeping an eye out for the substances described above.

Trade Larval Cores


When the creative minds behind No Man’s Sky released the expansive NEXT update, they introduced something called Biological Horrors. These terrifying creatures protect a lucrative substance known as larval cores.

When you are on your travels, keep an eye out for Whispering Eggs. These items can often be found in abandoned buildings, though they can also be found out in the open.

Once you find one, open the larval cores within in order to collect alien eggs. These substances can be sold for dozens of thousands of units, making them a wonderful way to profit in No Man’s Sky.

That being said, you are going to want to be well equipped for combat. The biological horrors will always be on the prowl, ready to pounce on anyone courageous enough to steal their eggs.

To increase your chances of finding Whispering Eggs, focus your efforts on exploring radioactive and toxic planets.

Go Asteroid Mining

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Perhaps the coolest way to make money in No Man’s Sky, you can mine asteroids for gold, silver and platinum. And, the process is quite simple.

You need to float your way through space and blast away all asteroids you come across. From there, you can acquire a sizable load of loot. Take your haul to a nearby space station to sell it, then simply repeat the entire process.

Exploit the Trade Market

Galactic Trade Network

Following the recent Beyond update, players have been exploiting the trade market in an interesting way. Make sure to take advantage of this while you still can.

Each galaxy has its own Galactic Trade Market. These markets can be located within the galaxy’s primary space station. One way to make the most out of this market, at the moment, is to flood the market with Superconductors. After all, each Superconductor can sell for a few million units.

First, you will need to track down some Superconductor blueprints. Build a Signal Booster so you can track down Secure Frequencies. Use a Navigation Point to do so.

Then, wait until you have located a Manufacturing Facility in this manner. Make your way to the facility.

Fix whatever problem you are prompted with by the facility and you will ultimately be granted a reward. There is a chance that reward is a Superconductor Blueprint.

Repeat this process until you discover one of these blueprints. Then, you will need to begin building the Superconductor as instructed within the blueprints. Once that has been completed, you will be able to sell the Superconductor at your local market for a massive profit.

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