How to Unlock the Good, Bad and Secret Endings in Blair Witch (Spoiler Free)

It's a horribly good time.

Blair Witch is a property unlike any other, as it boggles and horrifies in a way all its own. That being said, players have begun to navigate the many paths of the game’s winding story. As a result, three endings have been revealed.

If you want to learn how to earn the good, bad and secret endings to Blair Witch without revealing any major spoilers, check out the information below.

How to Get the Good Ending in Blair Witch

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In order to earn what many players consider to be the good ending to Blair Witch, you are going to have to follow a series of instructions that harken back to nearly the beginning of the game.

  1. Do not harm Bullet. During the final chapter, the ghost will eventually haunt you by writing something horrifying about your pet on a nearby wall. You will then receive a button prompt. Do not press that prompt. Rather, walk away. This will save your animal companion from harm.
  2. Be kind to Bullet. Once again, you need to keep your dog’s wellbeing in mind. Give the god treats and pets throughout the game. Never scold the animal. If you treat Bullet well, then you will be a single step closer to the game’s “good” ending.
  3. Don’t do as the witch commands in the end. Within the last chapter, the witch will attempt to manipulate you into doing a number of things. Defy the ghost at every turn.
  4. Stay away from those carved figurines. During the game, you will find a number of carved figurines. Never pick them up. Simply let them be.
  5. Leave the hiding enemies alone. Eventually you will notice a group of enemies hiding in trees. Do not kill them.
  6. Do not destroy the totems. You will stumble across a number of totems throughout the game. Leave them be.

How to Get the Bad Ending in Blair Witch

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While the most common ending within the game, many players have come to call it the bad ending. However, you can earn this ending by completing just a few tasks.

In short, you simply need to violate any of the instructions for the good ending above to earn this ending. Abuse Bullet, take the carved figures, destroy the totems, follow the witch’s every command and kill the enemies waiting in the trees.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Blair Witch

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While this is only supplementary to the game’s ending, the secret it holds is well worth the effort. In order to earn it, you will have to complete a puzzle of sorts.

During the game, you will discover a bunker near the sheriff’s vehicle. Continue through the game until you meet the sheriff near the white tree. Next, head back to his car. Get inside and try to start it.

The vehicle will not start, but you will not be able to pop open the car’s hood and connect the vehicle’s battery. Reenter the car and turn it on.

Next, turn on the radio. Eventually you will hear a game show, revealing the code 2113. This is the entry code for the nearby bunker. However, you will need a 12 volt battery in order to utilize the radio within.

You can find the battery later in the game near the sawmill. By turning on the radio, you will be able to hear shocking information about the game’s ending.

A video of a player completing this puzzle may be viewed below.

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