How To Survive in Oxygen Not Included

Here's everything you need to know.

Oxygen Not Included may look like Fallout Shelter, but this game is a unique experience all its own. If you want to survive, then you are going to have to keep your oxygen levels up and your duplicates happy. Of course, this isn’t as easy as it might sound.

Check out these quick tips to learn how you can improve your chances of survival in Oxygen Not Included.

  • Watch out for cons when choosing your duplicates. You will get to choose from a series of duplicates throughout the course of the game. Each duplicate comes equipped with unique stats, pros and cons. Sometimes the cons can be devastating, so always double check their cons before selecting them.
  • Carbon dioxide flows downwards. Some gasses rise and some gasses sink. Carbon dioxide is the heaviest gas in Oxygen Not Included, making it a pesky problem for any duplicates that live on the bottom floor of your base. Always keep in mind that the lower sections of your base will have higher carbon dioxide concentrations.
  • Research into farm tech ASAP. By building and powering a research station, you can begin to learn how to produce new and innovative technologies. There are several useful schools of tech that you can research. But, the farm tech is perhaps the most useful early on. Take advantage of the planter box and composting technologies as soon as you can.
  • Produce more oxygen with this useful tip. Carbon dioxide sinks downwards. Consequently, you are going to want to make sure all of your carbon dioxide created from your equipment and duplicates makes its way to the bottom of your base. Then, fill the basement with algae terrariums. This way, the terrariums can convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen. The oxygen will then rise to the top of your base.
  • Forgo the Mush Bars. An early prospect for feeding your duplicates is the Mush Bar. They are easy to make and you can produce a surplus of them in a flash. That being said, there is a chance that eating them will upset your duplicates. Avoid this unnecessary stress all together by rushing to get some planter boxes installed. Then, begin growing Bristle Blossoms for a sustainable source of food.
  • Ration your water. Water is a precious resource, as there are not many ways to effectively farm for it. You can purify everything from snow to vomit in order to gain more water. However, this resource will likely always be in short supply.
  • Flesh out your base with colorful decor. Your duplicates can get stressed rather easily, leading to them either breaking valuable equipment or vomiting everywhere. Keep your duplicates happy and healthy by decorating your base with stress relieving furnishings.
  • Be extremely careful when digging near water reservoirs. Different materials react differently under pressure. If you dig too close to a collection of water, then you can easily end up flooding your base.

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