How to Unlock Every Trait and How to Earn Every Boss Alternative Loot Drop in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Remnant: From the Ashes is a complex survival game that is chock full of unique features. Among them, players can garner hoards of stat boosting traits in order to increase their powers throughout the game. Beyond that, players can farm bosses from powerful loot.

That being said, it is not always easy to see precisely what you will need to do in order to earn some of these traits and items. For that reason, we have developed a quick guide on unlocking traits and defeating bosses for extra loot.

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How to Unlock Every Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes

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If you want to perform at your best, then you are going to want to get your hands on as many traits as you possibly can. These power boosting passive bonuses are automatically equipped once unlocked. However, you can use points to boost them if you so choose.

At any rate, you are going to want to unlock each of these if you want to be the best. Check out a list of the game’s traits and how you can earn each of them down below.

TraitUnlock Method
Arcane StrikeYou must defeat the Ravager boss or the Totem Father.
Cold As IceKill your team after meeting Brabus.
EnduranceYou will earn this passively.
ExploiterEarn enough weak spot strikes.
Guardians BlessingComplete the Curio dungeon.
Keepers BlessingMake your way to the Labyrinth.
Minds EyeYou must defeat Dreamer and Nightmare.
Quick HandsDefeat the Ent.
RecoveryDefeat Claviger.
ScavengerReward Reggie with the Tarnished Ring.
SpiritA trait granted to Cultist.
SuspicionBe killed by teammates multiple times.
SwiftnessComplete the Yaesha puzzle.
TeamworkSimply join a multiplayer game.
VigorGranted to all classes.
Will to LiveBe revived in multiplayer enough times.
World WalkerMake your way to Rhom.
WarriorComplete Lands End.
Trigger HappyReach +20 on any gun.
TriageOnce on Yaesha, survive the battle of the two tribes.
Shadow WalkerCan be unlocked within the Earth dungeon.
RevivalistRevive enough teammates.
Rapid StrikeReach +20 with any melee weapon.
Mother’s BlessingYou must save Root Mother.
KingslayerDefeat The Undying King.
HandlingGarner enough weapons.
GluttonDefeat The Unclean One.
ExecutionerDefeat Ixillus.
Elder KnowledgeFind and listen to the tape recording within Ward 13.
Bark SkinSpeak with the Living Tree while wearing the Twisted Mask

How to Earn Every Boss Alternative Loot Drop in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Killing each boss in Remnant: From the Ashes is not enough. If you want to earn each piece of loot these bosses have to offer, then you are going to have to go back and kill them in different ways.

Certain bosses within the game drop different loot based on how you kill them. While this is not the case for every boss, it is enough to greatly boost your arsenal if you take advantage of it.

Check out the list down below to see how you can earn unexpected loot from some of the game’s boss fights.

BossHow to KillAlternative Drop MaterialAlternative Crafted Item
EntBreak its leg before finishing it off.Twisted HeartPetrified Maul
MaulShoot the enemy NPC caster in the head.Control RodNo crafted item available.
HarrowForce the boss to crouch down by staggering him with shots to his legs. Then, grab the spear out of the staggered boss’s back.The Lost HarpoonNo crafted item available.
IxillusKill each boss before either one has a chance to rage while the other is down.Guardian TentacleGuardian Axe
The RavagerPlay the lullaby to the bossStalker’s ClawScar of the Jungle God
Totem FatherInteract with the blue and red totems that present just before you enter the boss fight area.Tempest HeartstringVoice of the Tempest
Undying KingDo not give the heart to the Undying King before fighting him.RuinNo crafted item available.
ClavigerOnly kill the boss once he has entered his shield phase.Stone of the GuardianWorld Breaker
SingeBreak its tail before killing it.Dragon LinksSmolder

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  1. You are missing 2 traits, not sure exact but it’s been confirmed that the max trait rank is 640, so 32 traits.