LEGO Fortnite World Spawn Glitch

If your world in LEGO Fortnite has had its spawn moved, there is currently nothing you can do to fix it within your world. Most guides will tell you to make a new world and give keys out and that’s very much true. You can just make a new world and that solves the glitch, but it also doesn’t mean it won’t come back or that EPIC won’t patch your world. There are a few ways to make the issue a bit easier.

I’d only suggest the following if you’ve at least got a few hours into your world. Otherwise, it might be more fun to just restart.

If you have aerial vehicles, it may be easier to just use those to retrieve your friends.

Reach Far Out Friends

The first question is what biome(s) are between you and your friends. Hot like the Desert and cold like the Frostlands are going to be different challenges. The Desert can be easily navigated at night without taking heat damage (even often being cold). You can just have your friends move through the desert and rejoin you in the Grasslands.

If your friends have the Frostlands between you and them, then it’s another story.

Moving Through the Frostlands

To adventure through the Frostlands, you should first farm a lot of wood, at least about 80 wood and 40 granite, along with a sword, two torches and one of the villagers. If possible, you should have two level three of the highest-level health charms possible, along with health charms for your friends.

Eat cooked steak for two additional hearts. Now directly towards your friends. Once you’ve reached the Frostlands, place a camp fire down at reasonible intervals (remember you only have so much wood). Once you’ve made it far enough into the Frostlands, build a village totem with a bed and a campfire, along with beds for your friends when they come through.

Continue this method straight to where they are. Once night falls, you can actually just wait to respawn until day and continue. Only travel during the day.

Moving Back

Once you reach your friends, start working on a temporary base at spawn to help other friends who may join you later. Work on making several low-level health charms to store, along with torches and some food. Gather more wood for more campfires on the way back (making the path even easier to navigate and follow).

Have your friends follow you, resting at the waypoints (with beds) you made on the way. If successful, you should be able to make a passage between one Grasslands and another.

See below for an example of the temporary villages and a path my world took when the glitch occurred to it.

image 1 1
image 1

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