Lego Fortnite Hot & Cold Guide

Let’s get you ready to go in the hot or cold in Lego Fortnite. It may feel complex at first, but it’s actually quite a simple system. In the top left corner is your hot / cold bar. Left (blue) is cold with two steps and right is hot (red) with two steps and a neutral in the center (grey). The Grasslands by default is neutral, Desert is hot and the Frostlands are cold. Night time will decrease coldness by generally one along with storms.

These features can be turned off at world creation.

There’s freezing and burning (rapid health degeneration) along with cold and hot (slow health degeneration). Anything that grants health generation (or just eating every now and then) will tackle cold and hot areas of the game. You’ll need elemental resistance along with warmth / coolness to tackle areas that are freezing and burning (Desert/Frostlands caves, Frostlands at night).

Early Game Warmth

When you first start the game all you need to stay warm is a torch and/or fire, along with a roof when it’s raining / storming (which can be a brick of foundation to stop thunder).


You can slot a torch in your off-hand and keep one in your main-hand. This can often let you get into the Frostlands during the day and let you ignore all cold in the Grasslands.

Campfires can be placed anywhere in the world and provide warmth.

Early Game Coolness – Desert Caves

To get into the Desert caves, use the two-torch trick to sneak into the Frostlands and grab some Snowberries. Snag a lot of ’em then head to the Desert. These are going to let you get the next thing you need: the Cool-Headed Charm. Between the berries and the charm, you’ll be able to go into the Desert Caves and obtain blast cores and rubies.

Frostlands Caves

Once you can farm blast cores, you can then make a Hearth Charm which will grant you cold resistance (along with spicy peppers or burgers) will let you easily handle the cold. At this point you can easily transverse the Frostlands with an off-hand torch and the Hearth Charm along with a spicy pepper, including the caves.

Appendix: Campfires

Campfires are really strange; they are both additive (meaning multiple campfires will make an area warmer) but also not exactly curative (they won’t fully remove cold at night even with several around you in the Frostlands).

Campfires however can be placed through the Frostlands allowing you to traverse while having safe areas to harbor in to eat and continue (during the day) or stand beside and wait through the night (while you’re simply just cold).

Appendix: Beds

A wild feature of Lego Fortnite is the beds will heal you even if you’re freezing or burning, so if you can place a bed down and rest in it then you can withstand pretty much any element.

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