Title: Fifth Avatar of Vishnu

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Warrior

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: C

Pros: High Defense, High Sustain

Vamana Guide

In the laning phase, focus on farming and sustaining in lane with your 3, Sleeping Giant. Use your 1, Colossal Fury and 2, Armored Umbrella to clear waves and poke the enemy. Your passive, Divine Umbrella, gives you protections so you can play aggressive. Rotate for mid camps and your blue buff when possible.

Vamana excels in the solo lane but can jungle or support as well. As a solo, build bruiser to box your opponent. As a jungler, gank early and build hybrid. As a support, build tank and use your CC to set up kills for your carry. Adapt your build to counter your lane opponent.

Your combo is 2-1-3. Dash in with your 2, knock up with your 1 and slow with your 3. Use this to aggress, gank or peel for allies. Your ult, Colossal Fury, makes you huge, giving you extra power, protections, healing and CC immunity. In team fights, ult in the middle of the enemy team, pop sprint and box the enemy carries. The rest of your team should follow up while you disrupt and zone.

As solo, play aggressive, win lane and rotate to help jungle control mid. As jungle, gank lanes and control objectives. As support, peel, engage and set up kills for allies. Regarding interaction, call out when your ult and sprint are down, gank opportunities, missing enemies and ward locations. Your team should follow up on your engages and cover you when your abilities are down.

Vamana is an ability based warrior so managing your mana and cooldowns is important. Build hybrid items like Shifter’s Shield and Void Shield along with defense to maximize your damage potential. Your ult is game changing so look for opportunities to use it in team fights, especially when sprint is off cooldown. Play aggressive but be careful, as Vamana has no true escape outside of his ult. Focus on controlling the map through farming, ganking and objectives to get your team ahead.

To dominate with Vamana you need to outplay your opponents during the laning phase. Look for kill potential on the enemy laner or rotations to mid to net early kills. Build a lead through farming efficiently and denying farm to your opponent. Your passive allows you to box most other solo laners so do not be afraid to aggressively engage when your abilities and sprint are off cooldown.

During team fights, Vamana excels at disrupting the backline. Ult into the enemy damage dealers, pop sprint and basic attack them while your team focuses the frontline. The healing, protections and CC immunity from your ult allows you to zone carries and jungle for a prolonged period of time. Peel for your own backline when possible with your CC and damage. Secure objectives after winning fights or when the enemy team is down players.

Vamana snowballs hard due to the hybrid nature of his build and playstyle. Farm as efficiently as possible, gank other lanes and invade jungle camps to hamper the enemy jungler. Your passive gives you an advantage in the solo lane against most matchups so play forward and poke out your opponent. Build a lead through aggression and objectives, then unleash your damage potential in the mid to late game through team fighting and split pushing. With an early advantage and smart play, you can dominate the battlefield as the colossal conqueror Vamana.

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