Spoiler Free-ish Tips for DragonQuest Builders 2

Useful tips for a fun builder game.

I had so much fun with DragonQuest Builders 2 but there is a few really interesting things to note of if you’re just starting or currently playing that can help make your play through easier. Check out our below hints and tips to get you through the game.

This is mostly spoiler free. I’m going to mention tool unlocks, but I’m not going to talk about the story or what the specific zones have going on in them.

General Game Tips

  • You’ll unlock a bag very early in the game that has many tabs and can store lots of materials. Don’t be afraid to toss materials until you get the bag. After you get the bag, throw away extra materials often. For instance, when you unlock the ability to take out a lot of soil fast, soil will quickly start to stuff your bags full. Throw away extra that you’ll never use or place it somewhere in a chest.
  • Chests are magical – they can, while in the same zone, be used to craft from and can store a lot. Build lots of them. When you unlock the explorer shores for wood, they become free, so don’t hesitate to make a builders storage area in every zone.
  • Build lots of ladders everywhere. They can make it easier to get places. If you don’t have ladders, remember that you can “nerd pole” by using excess material and jumping and placing it under you to build a tower.
  • You’ll unlock an item that will let you change your appearance in the game. The game will tell you when.
  • The explorer shores unlimited supply works in ALL zones. So don’t hesitate to knock out the wish list.
  • Speaking of….

Explorer Shores

  • Once you unlock the flute, it can find items that you’ve yet to uncover. Later shores won’t have all items spawn when you load in.
  • Be careful of farming too many animals. They count as population and you’ll likely want to collect lots of workers.
  • The builder zones will have NPCs that you can recruit. Each zone has different NPCs based on the recent areas you’ve unlocked. The first one for instance has farmers.

Building Cities

  • When building your cities, you can usually build underground. Try to put things under ground and stack buildings ontop one another to make the most use of the space. If the zone allows you to go deep enough underground, then it’s best to have a single entrance and put all of your town there. That way attacks can’t destroy anything.
  • Build a wall around the outside of the buildable zone for your city. While scripted events will result in your city being rebuilt, unscripted ones won’t. NPCs that attack for no good reason can often break walls to rooms and cause a general headache. So take some soil or whatever cheap resource and build walls around the outside. It’ll stall the attack long enough for your soldiers to come deal with it.
  • For the story zones, to accumulate enough stars you generally just need a bed for every resident and then maybe some food for each. Build a big bedroom and call it a day, unless you really want to spend the time making everyone special bedrooms. You get quests when it’s “time to ring the bell” that will give you enough stars for the next level.

Puzzles & Questing

  • Puzzles are solvable with the resources near the puzzle. Some puzzles require you to gather nearby objects and place them down. For items that don’t leave behind drops, like flowers, you’ll need to use your gloves.
  • Quests have to be done to advance. The big part of the game is actually after you complete it – it’s building your own island and unlocking all the room types and cool items there are, but there is no skipping the quests. You gotta do them all.
  • Explorer shore items works in quest zones, so they can be a big boon to get through areas where there might not be a ton of wood but you have quests to build things out of wood.
  • While exploring, if you defeat those big boss monsters, they usually drop strong items recipes.

Later in the Game

  • Lava is tricky because you can’t float over it very easily. Use a combination of towers and bridges to just walk over it. You can drop water on it but the water will evaporate pretty quickly. Just take a ton of extra material like soil, jump and place it under you, repeat until you’re pretty high above the lava and then just build bridges across it. This is useful in one area of the game for sure plus the explorer shores.
  • You can place beds down in battle zones to restore your troops. They do more damage than you do. When beds are free, just build 999 of them and use them liberally.
  • If you build in a “build zone” then the NPCs will take whatever you placed there and put it in a nearby chest. So don’t be too afraid of building, but also be aware that whatever you build could get messed up. Likewise, when you end up having to build a jail underground, you won’t be able to approach it, so don’t place it near somewhere you’d want to travel to.
  • It’s always best to avoid fight and just build walls to help block enemies from your troops, get them stuck in the ground or just lay down traps later in the game. The damage you do keeps getting worse as the game advances.
  • You’ll eventually come to an island that you’ll need to escape from. When you have the option to escape, actually head back in and you can loot a ton of objects from the island (you can’t return later) including a guillotine.

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