Terraria Tips and Tricks for New Players – A Beginner’s Guide

Want to get started in this sandbox classic? Check out our tips and tricks down below.

Re-Logic’s action-adventure sandbox game Terraria has fostered a massive audience ever since its release back in 2011. Despite having been around for so long, the game’s fan base has seemingly only grown both in numbers and in passion over the many years. With that in mind, we have garnered a quick guide to help new players along with the title.

  • Find shelter quickly. As Terraria functions on a day/night cycle, enemies are often far more ferocious during the night. Consequently, it is best to construct a shelter as soon as you can.
  • Build a furnace and an iron anvil as soon as possible. These items will greatly expand the number of things you can craft beyond what is offered by your simple workbench.
  • All piggy banks, safes and defender’s forges share the same inventory space. Consequently, you can leave one storage unit in your home and take another storage unit with you. By taking advantage of this feature, you can grandly increase your storage space.
  • Make sure to move your money. If you die while carrying money, you will have to retrieve it. As this process can be time consuming and difficult, it is best to regularly stash your money in a piggy bank.
  • Make sure to always keep your pickaxe upgraded. There will regularly be occasions when you stumble upon a valuable resource that can only be extracted by a certain quality of pickaxe. Always keep your pickaxe upgraded so that you will be prepared for these instances.
  • Be wary of long descents. You should never jump down a hole that does not have a visible light at the bottom. Rather, use rope to descend long and dark tunnels.
  • Keep health potions handy. As a rule of thumb, always have at least one stack of the highest level health potion available on you at all times. These potions will prove useful regularly throughout your playthrough.
  • Always take advantage of the sharpening station, ammo box, crystal ball and bewitching tables before a big fight. These items each offer class-specific boosts for your character that will boost your abilities in combat.
  • Here is a quick way to boost your speed. Hermes boots is an excellent item for any player looking to shave down on travel time. Beyond that, always keep a stack of swiftness potions on you so that you can increase your travel speed even more. The hook item can increase your speed as well. Simply fire the hook diagonally and then release the hook before it reaches its target.
  • Don’t forget about the smart cursor. By pressing “Left Ctrl,” you can activate the smart cursor. This mode makes strip mining much easier.

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