Moving Out 2 – The Definitive Co-Op Game for 2023

The wacky moving simulator Moving Out was a hit, so naturally the devs at SMG Studio cooked up a bigger, better, and even more chaotic sequel. Moving Out 2 takes the ridiculous physics-based gameplay we loved from the original and turns everything up to 11, delivering double the content and a whole lot more over-the-top action.

To put it simply if you’re looking for something like Moving Out or Overcooked, then you need to get Moving Out 2. The improvements to the game are well worth the cost. It can get repetitive yes and some of the later levels are eh, but Moving Out 2 is 2023’s best cooperative game released so far this year. In a genre that needs more, it delivers.

Massive improvement as well to Moving Out 1! What was to me at least an already great game has gotten better. Let’s check out some high-level reasons why you should play.

Moving Out 2’s “More”

The core idea is the same – move stuff from point A to point B without wrecking everything. But the devs got creative with how you’ll demolish each location, packing the levels with crazy challenges and unexpected surprises. Whether you’re hauling furniture through city streets or <redacted, play to find out!>, every moving job feels different thanks to the wild level designs.

The sequel is also steeped in the trademark humor of the series, featuring vibrant, colorful art that adds a dash of whimsy to even the most tumultuous moving days. The game becomes even more entertaining with its expanded multiplayer mechanism, allowing more friends to partake in the madness. Plus, with the implementation of improved accessibility settings, Moving Out 2 ensures that players of all skill levels can participate in the fun.

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Inclusivity has been a clear focus in the development of Moving Out 2. The new Assist Mode provides players with the flexibility to modify time limits, adjust difficulty levels, and tweak other settings to tailor the gameplay to their liking. Let’s face it, we all have different skill levels at these games.

Playing alone assist mode makes it easier than ever to get through levels the way you want to. When cooperative, it lets you remove the stress and enjoy the game together. The game doesn’t insult you or even put you down for using it, it encourages it and is built around the concept that you can define how difficult the game is.

That to me is huge in this genre and assist mode is why you need Moving Out 2 for couch co-op.

Moving Out 2’s “Less”

Despite its many strengths, Moving Out 2 does have its share of shortcomings. Some of the later levels exhibit a sharp increase in difficulty that could be off-putting for some players. The core gameplay, although consistently enjoyable, can veer towards repetitiveness over extended play. Additionally, playing solo doesn’t quite capture the uproarious charm of the cooperative mode.


Moving Out 2 does everything right. By taking the best aspects of the original and doing more with them, Moving Out 2 offers a rip-roaring (figuratively and likely literally) experience of chaotic co-op action that is hard to resist. Its few rough edges are greatly overshadowed by the colorful, accessible, and downright fun gameplay that the sequel brings to the table. Fans of over-the-top physics gameplay will undoubtedly find Moving Out 2 to be a worthy addition to their gaming collection upon its launch.

We requested and received a key for Moving Out 2. We’re fans of the previous game, which may bias our review.

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