Uhuru Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Uhuru WM-07 is a strong contender in the sub $50 mouse bracket, clocking in at around $23 with a coupon this mouse has everything more expensive mice have in a slick package. We gave it a lot of use over a few gaming sessions and wanted to give some details on this nearly 5 star reviewed mouse from Uhuru.

Low Price Big Features

The elephant in the room is the price. At almost $20 with all of the features that it has, you can almost expect a major hit in quality. With that respect, it’s an apropos concern but one we found wasn’t an issue. For the price, at under $30, you’re getting a mouse, a wireless receiver (USB-A) and a USB-C cord. The mouse itself is USB-C so it has the latest charging plug and will charge with most modern phone chargers, meaning it’s a great grab and go mouse. It has two side buttons, two top buttons, a left and right click and an actually really nice rubberized scroll wheel that clicks too.

All the basics, plus 7 color RGB with an ergonomic design that feels nice and has some weight to it. The lighting is honestly really good and and it comes through lots of little lightboxes on the mouse.

These are all verified features we’ve experienced first hand with the device and they of course all work. The buttons click, the mouse is plug and play and the dongle works easily with the wireless function. The battery seems to last through a day of play and it’s honestly pretty solid.

Throwing the thing around a bit, dropping it on the floor, etc. hasn’t damaged it.

The only downside is honestly the clicks on left/right mouse button which are clean but definitely not the most premium switch out there; which you’re not getting better until above $50 just because switchs for those cost money. So it’s not like it’s any different than any other mouse in this bracket or even mid-tier Logitechs in that regard.

At the same time though, this is wireless, programmable and it works great out of the box with no issues. The sensor’s accurate and smooth and it’s rather portable. This will likely be my go to portable gaming mouse for the foreseeable future.

Real Use Experience

So using the mouse was really good actually. The sensor was extremely smooth, noticing little difference from my main mouse currently that’s three times the price.

What are you missing?

Here’s what you’re missing from more premium mice:

$10 – $50 Bracket

  • Nothing

$50 – $100 Bracket

  • Mainstream Software
  • More RGB Options
  • Better clicks, more buttons.
  • Bluetooth (I’d rather the dongle tho..)

$80+ Bracket

  • Water Resistance
  • Webbed Design
  • Best clicks, best buttons.

Conclusion: Yes if you’re going for under $50

In the under $50 block you’re going to do really well coming in around $23 for pretty much the equivalent if not more of any mouse in the under $50 block. That’s not to say this mouse does something others might not, but it’s going to come in cheaper and be a much better quality because it’s not drop shipped from wish and is supported by an actual company who does QA and handles returns. As in you’ve got a working support email and a QR code on the bottom for support issues, which is big when you’re dealing with companies in this price bracket.

Our Review: An absolute low price phenomenon. If you’ve got more money, go for more premium but if you’re wanting the best in basics this is a good choice.

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