DISGAEA RPG is an Android / iOS mobile game that let’s you play a basic RPG with characters from the DISGAEA franchise. It’s pretty awesome since you have all the main characters from all five main games plus all the side characters coming back with a lot of hilarious dialog and other cool bits. Anyway, we’ve got some answers for your common questions to explain core game concepts followed by the best 4* characters in the game. Latest Updates: Fenrich & Usalia added. Frequently Asked Questions What character is the best character to start with? So you get to reroll your first draw as much as you want and it’s a guaranteed 4*. You’re going to want to pick Desco. She’s the snake like character and boss character in DISGAEA 4 after all. She has an AOE attack that’s pretty boss early game, doesn’t use a ton of SP and…

Disco Elysium is a true RPG and a lot of fun. It can be difficult to figure out what you’re supposed to do and when. While we have some spoiler free tips, they don’t give you the direct answer. The hard thing about a game like Disco Elysium is that you can approach it in so many ways that there isn’t a universal best way to play it, especially considering how skills impact chances of success for various quests. To that extent, we’ve put together a helpful FAQ and mini-walkthrough on the story so that you can get answers to the questions you have about the game. To help avoid spoiling too much of the game, please use the below accordion to uncover areas of the game you need help with.