Dodgeball Academia Tips, Tricks and Spoiler Free Walkthrough

Below are some tips, tricks and a walkthrough of how to beat the story in Dodgeball Academia. This is a spoiler free guide, so we’re not going to mention the story at all. You can visit Humble Games to find out more about the game. It’s a really neat RPG / sports game hybrid with lots of fights, many optional and lots of fun stories and neat characters. Our guide below helps you through the entire game without spoiling anything, so we might be light on specifics but heavy on help.

Stats are Kinda Useless

Stats in this game are kind of useless. I did some testing and there isn’t anything that’s going to majorly change your game until you get toward the late game when you can buy all the juices you want to boost your stats. So like focusing on equipment and stats isn’t going to really matter. Fighting every fight you can and using the infirmary to heal is probably your best bet for getting more powerful since higher levels give you more HP and seem to raise your damage.

Farming XP and Money

The only reliable way to farm early on is to just take on every fight you see. Stats don’t have a major impact on your damage in the game, so leveling isn’t as much of a boost as you think it would be. Later on you can buy stat boost drinks from Tony underground, which his inventory expands each day like the other shops. The stat boost drinks are much better than levels, considering doing most if not all of the fights available in the day should put you well overleveled for the content.

As for farming money, this is a tough one. There’s the tournament in the underground that’s a reliable source of cash, but it does take awhile to grind through. Dodgeball fights do well too. You generally don’t need money. Outside of the $100 spent at each store achievement, which you should get naturally over the game, that’s about it. You can buff yourself up with the juices sold by Tony in the underground, which is nice but as I note stats aren’t that great. So you might want to just spend your spare money down there vs. farming anything extra.

The only repeatable battles is Tony’s tournament. Once you defeat someone on the world map that’s it.


This is a rare time where there is no step by step walkthrough for the game, because the game literally points you in the direction of every single goal. There is no puzzles to solve or secrets to find in order to advance. Something to save you some major time on:

You can not move past specific areas on your first visit to a new area. There are no levers to pull or places to hit the dodgeball to trigger something. Just go to where the map says go for the main quest and you will move through the day without a problem.

So if you for instance get a quest that’s blocked by a tree or a tram then advance the story until the block is automatically removed (for real). There are only a few main blocks. There’s a block in the forest going north, the story removes that around midway. There’s a block in the dark woods and to the west part of the forest, that unlocks are the very end. There’s the shortcut through the leisure area to the forest, that unlocks midway through. The tram unlocks towards the end.

You can not miss any side quests if you visit every available map and complete every available crown icon. That includes the daily challenge in front of the school who remains an icon even if you beat him for the day. All quests will show up on your map along with all challengers.

There is no new game +, you can replay previous chapters though. You can save before the final fight and find any chests you’ve missed.

Side Quests Walkthrough

Each side quest must be completed generally on the day that you were given it. Some side quests can advance through to the next day. Any missed quest can be found by replaying a specific chapter in “new game.” Side quests all just need you to go to the marker on your map. Once there you’ll find what you need and then either the next step will occur or you’ll finish.

The only question with some oddness is when you’re asked to find the three students in the forest, near the tram and in front of the school. The story has to advance for the forest to open up for one student. The other is running around near the tram, not at the tram.

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