How to Get Weapons in Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape

It's time to take on Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape.

Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape is an intense, zombie-filled survival shooter that is starting to get some serious attention from the gaming community. One truth that many players are beginning to learn as they are beginning to try their skills at this title is that surviving in the zombie apocalypse is no easy task. If you want a competitive edge in this exciting shooter, then you are going to want to have to get your hands on the game’s best weapons.

Weapons Rundown

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In total, there are six weapons in Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape for you to choose from. That being said, five of these weapons come in five different tiers. Consequently, there is a hefty arsenal for you to enjoy.

There is a shotgun, revolver, rocket launcher, assault rifle, SMG and a sniper rifle. The largest thing to note when it comes to the tiers of weapons is that a higher tier weapon will have a significantly larger ammo capacity than a lower tier weapon. You are going to want to get your hands on at least two weapons of three-star tier or higher. You can see a breakdown of the game’s tier system down below.

Tier 1White, 1 star
Tier 2Green, 2 stars
Tier 3Blue, 3 stars
Tier 4Purple, 4 stars
Tier 5Gold, 5 stars
Unique (Rocket Launcher Only) Orange, 6 stars

Common Weapon Locations

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Within Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape, there are a few locations you can explore that consistently drop weapons of three stars or higher. You are going to want to make your way to the crossroads, harbor and the factory. Check out the map above for an illustration of each location.

Vending Machines

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The vending machines in Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape deliver health. However, they can also deposit weapons.

In order to get a vending machine to drop a gun, you will have to strike the machine with either a weapon or a melee strike twice. This only creates a chance that the vending machine will drop a weapon, so you will have to be patient and pummel the machine until you get a drop.

The vending machines appear to share a pattern. Each machine seems to drop a single one star or two star tier weapon and a single four star or five star tier weapon. After that, the vending machines appear to stop dropping weapons altogether. However, the machine may deliver you a pack of ammunition a single time as a consolation.

This process can be quite time consuming, so make sure to not spend too much of your time. You are not just fighting the zombie hoard. You’re fighting against the clock. With every passing second, things become more difficult in this game.

That being said, snagging a strong weapon can be the saving grace in your playthrough. So, make sure to nab some firepower one way or the other.

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