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Mordhau has taken over the world of hack ‘n slash gaming. Of course, Mordhau is far more sophisticated than your average sword swinging video game adventure.

This game features complex combat mechanics and an in-depth weaponry system that have both worked to catapult Mordhau above the common rabble. Bolstered by a hardcore community of passionate and talented fans, this game is tough. With the community only learning and growing with each passing day, things are only getting tougher. If you want to keep your competitive edge in this highly challenging medieval multiplayer experience, then you are going to need to brush up on a few things.

How to Master Top Techniques

Top Tips to Improving Your Play

Weapons Tier List

Welcome to the Mordhau guides portal. We have developed a series of helpful guides for new Mordhau players to enjoy. Now, you can check out all of our Mordhau coverage in one convenient location. Our Mordhau guides have been split into three different sections, as noted above. To view the guides for each section, simply click on the links above.

How to Master Top Techniques

Mordhau is a complex beast of a game. Vicious and unrelenting, this game will smite you into the ground if you do not come prepared. To that end, we have developed a series of useful guides to help you master some of the more challenging combat techniques Mordhau has to offer. If you want to survive on the battlefield, then you are going to want to learn these skills.

Simply click on the guides below for more details.

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Top Tips to Improving Your Play

Once you have mastered some of the most important techniques within Mordhau, there will still be many things left to learn. If you want to brush up on some of the basics of Mordhau or learn some new tips and tricks to success in this medieval title, check out the guides below.

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Weapons Tier List

Mastering the battlefield is about honing your skills and understanding your opponent. That being said, it is also about knowing how to best utilize your gear. Check out the tier list below to learn which weapons in Mordhau will guide you to victory and which ones will leave you defeated in the dirt.

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