Pokemon Unite Guide – Tips & Tricks for Everyone & Ranked

We’ve put together some of our favorite Pokemon Unite tips below for you to really dive deep into and become a Pokemon master. One of the things about Pokemon Unite is understanding that just because something exists on the Internet, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it. So a lot of this guide is focused around understanding how to really enjoy the game and do well in ranked while solo queuing.

Ignore Pokemon Roles

A lot of guides will tell you to follow the builds and do the things around the assigned roles Pokemon have which are:

  • Attacker: Fights enemy players.
  • Defender: Zone Control
  • Speedster: Fast movement speed.
  • Supporter: Healer / Debuffer
  • All-Rounder: Versatile

The truth is all Pokemon are versatile and can be built out to do anything. Some stats might be different, sure, but it doesn’t lock you into some kind of need to do only xyz in the game. Pokemon Unite, unlike other MOBAs, isn’t very strict on this Pokemon has to do this activity or else. Do whatever is fun for you, you’ll win a lot more because you’ll be more engaged.

Don’t Forget Held Items (Equipping Your Gear) and Forget Leveling Them

A long time ago in League of Legends you had this I think it was a rune board, it was this large board that you had to place runes in that gave you micro-boosts. Sort of like that, you have held items that give you a boost to specific attacks / stats or do various things like share EXP, etc. You can level them up to level 30, which is their highest level and biggest boost but don’t fret.

You don’t have to worry about your held items level.

Why? Because I’ve won games one after another playing post launch with no gear at all on. So like, I’m not the best player in the world; I’m probably decent, but like it’s not that important. You won’t really hurt that bad hyperfocusing on gear and leveling it. No need to pay real life money for it either, Aeos Tickets come naturally from just playing.

Oh another thing: don’t listen to the other guides about focusing your held item on your Pokemon’s role. Focus on what works for your specific playstyle and the attacks you choose.

Be Flexible in Builds

There’s a lot of rhetoric about how xyz build is *the build* that you should do every game but it’s not true. The beauty of Pokemon Unite’s simple level up system is that you get a smidge of flexibility in a game. You may find the enemy is constantly team fighting so an AOE is going to do you far better than the “superior” choice. Don’t lock yourself into losing because of what you’ve read online about a specific Pokemon. That’s not to say that there isn’t builds and you shouldn’t follow them; it’s to say that you should focus on learning the skills for your Pokemon and knowing when to be adaptive. It’ll really help your win rate.

Don’t Forget to Score Points

Watch the map, when the enemy isn’t defending – go score. Yes at the end you score more points, but you’re also just as likely to die 2 minutes in with 30 Aeos Energy sitting there waiting to be scored. If you notice a goal point is just chilling, go over there and put your energy into it. Then return back to farming. Sometimes that 20 or so Aeos Energy will determine the game!

Learn Your Pokemon

Learn every skill and what it does for every Pokemon you play. It’s important to know what you’re doing and what to pick while you’re playing. Build guides are good, as mentioned previously, but knowing your Pokemon is better. If you want to win in Ranked this is really important, because it will give you at least a level edge against everyone else and often times, put you ahead since you know what your Pokemon is doing.

You can guess from just playing, sure, but actually reading about it before playing will do a ton of good.

Watch Lots of Streamers / Videos

Go on Twitch and search up Pokemon Unite and watch others play. It’s one of the classic ways to get some free coaching for the game.

Random Tips

Random assortment of tips:

  • Chasing isn’t as bad as other MOBAs, if you have a slow Pokemon sometimes it’s better to just chase and finish the fight than to run back.
  • Your character losing all of its HP isn’t the worst in Pokemon Unite, because being knocked out just sends you back to spawn (with a fast respawn timer) and you drop your Aeos Energy which can be good or bad.
  • Communicate with your team with the helpful quick commands. On the Switch it’s the – button for pings.
  • Defend your points. Anyone going to a capture point is likely carrying a lot of Aeo Energy so you’ll want to take them out, get their energy and use it to score on them.
  • Keep an eye on the map. It’s good to know what the field looks like.
  • Be sure to use our Tier List to pick out the best Pokemon to play.

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