Secret Vanny Ending Explained in FNAF Help Wanted 2

In Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2, there are two endings. The first ending occurs once you finish the mini-games within the game. The second ending requires finding a variety of secrets within the game world and then being able to witness some additional lore in the game.

Original Ending

The original ending has you take the Vanny Mask and end up, somehow, handing it to Cassidy at the start of Ruin via the mask bot.

Secret Ending Explained

In this ending, you go into Princess Quest 4 and continue the “quest” which has you wandering around the game. Eventually there’s a perception change and you’re now within the Princess Quest 4 game, following along in the quest. At the very end, you trade the “Vanny Mask” for a “Glitchtrap Plushie” and then go into the elevator from the trailer.

The elevator reveals a large claw machine with the Moon/Sun as the claw and Vanny waiting outside. Giving the plushie to the Moon/Sun will have it say “naughty naughty” as it drops it down into the prize box, which Vanny takes and destroys.

This ending signifies that Vanny is working to defeat Glitchtrap / The Mimic.

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How to Obtain

Here are the main steps outlined in the transcript for obtaining the secret ending in Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted:

  1. Complete the various mini-games in the main campaign to unlock graffiti clues around the Pizzaplex.
  2. In Bonnie Bowl mini-game, wire the machine in reverse order to get the Bonnie plush head.
  3. In Pizza Sim mini-game, prepare 4 Chica themed foods and drop in trash can to get the Chica plush.
  4. At the Confectionary, find the Chica plush in plain sight.
  5. In Fizzy Faz mini-game, prepare a “Graveyard” drink by taking the can of Soderini and emptying it into a cup, then adding protein, acid, and caffeine to get the Freddy plush.
  6. In Sister Location mini-game, enter 1983 into the unlocked drawer to get the Puppet plush.
  7. In Foxy Fright mini-game, shoot all Helpy cutouts that appear throughout the log flume ride. In the bonus areas, be on the lookout for sun-shaped cutout icons – there are 3 that must be shot and will light up. At the end of the ride is a fourth sun icon on a celebratory cake – shoot all 4 icons to get teleported and receive the Foxy plush.
  8. In Phaser Blast mini-games, be sure to hit all 3 rocket targets that appear – one on each of Knights 1, 2, and 3. This will eventually cause a pumpkin bomb, hay bale and dynamite barrel to fall down in Knight 4.

    You have to hit four suns, three on the path in and then one additional one at the end on a box.
  9. Beat the springtrap level to spawn the purple coin at Mystic Hippo.
    • Complete the level of Phaser Blast where you have to defend against incoming plush babies while winding a music box.
    • Periodically switch between camera inputs to locate animatronics in the side vents.
    • When an animatronic appears in a vent, look to the corresponding left or right vent and open it to reveal a balloon version.
    • Pop the balloon animatronics that appear with the dart gun to defeat them.
    • If all animatronics are defeated successfully before the music box stops, a spark will ignite the pumpkin bomb prop and set the hay bale on fire.
    • This causes an explosion that destroys the attraction and reveals a hidden pumpkin patch area, unlocking the secret springtrap/glitchtrap level.
    • Beat the springtrap enemy as he advances in this final phaser blast mini-game to complete it and spawn the purple coin.
  10. Use the purple coin to play Princess Quest 4 and access the secret ending.

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