Sucker for Love: Date to Die For Full Walkthrough / Achievements

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Sucker for Love: Date to Die For is an amazing visual novel. We’ve got a full walkthrough, low on spoilers and only the parts you need for the game. The game itself will put a star on the room you need to go to. Our walkthrough covers all the points you need to know to avoid getting caught in the house and how to get the seperate endings.

A quick tip: you can turn on jump scare protection in the settings. This will let you avoid some encounters (jump scares if you check a door) and make the game a lot less stressful. A lot of elements, like chanting at the right speed, are more about how calm you’re approaching it than difficult.

If you don’t have the game, it’s available at Sucker for Love: Date to Die For on Steam (

Chapter 1 (TV Series 1)

Branching Point: When Buck comes to attack the room, you can either open the door (Bad End), wait and not heal Nanni (Good Ending) or heal Nanni (True Ending).

The game doesn’t have any enemies until you encounter Nanni. You can use the bass guitar to attack the cultists.

  • Rotbloom Ritual: Throughout the house you’ll find cultists within rooms. Open doors slowly to see if they’re located in a room. You’ll go to the bathroom, dining room and then your brother’s bedroom. In the bedroom you’ll see cultists, but they won’t attack.
  • Summon Firstbornes: Go to the heart of the rooms, you’ll use the ladder to go there. Chant then wait until the candles go out. Return upstairs, grab the bag and chant three times.
  • Uproot: Heartburn: Go to the bathroom and then to the heart again, chant and that’s that. If you didn’t heal Nanni, you’ll meet Buck, if you did heal Nanni you’ll escape the house itself and get a cutscene.
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Chapter 2 (TV Series 2)

Branching Point: Befriending Billie

Making Friends with Billie

To befriend Billie you need to die to them a few times. Aunty Nyan Nyan will show up and start keeping tally marks. When there’s a lot of them (about one or two times with Billie finding you), you can interact with it and then are told to wait. Just wait and then Billie will show up and befriend you.

Billie’s status with you changes if you reload back to their default. So if you want to go another path (the Good Ending), you can reload at any time.

Chapter Walkthrough

This chapter is very straightforward.

  • Epicurean Feast: Billie doesn’t start the chase until you have all the ingredients. They’re in the dining room. Once you have them just rush back as fast as you can to the bedroom. If you hear “Bloodthirsty Growl” then Billie is about to get you.
  • Met Aunty Nyan Nyan: Nyanlathotep will show up and show you a tally of the number of times Billie has got you.
  • Wild Evolution: If you just quickly go to the heart, you’ll avoid Billie. Just make a dash for it and you shouldn’t even need to worry about the chase. Interact with the heart, then rush back to your room to do the chant. I didn’t even really ever have an issue here. It’s more of just speed.
  • Beguiling Melody: This one is hard without befriending Billie. If you fail at this one enough, befriend Billie and then do it. To do it without befriending Billie, you’ll want to make it to the TV room and either try to chant 3 times perfectly and then run or chant 1-2 times, loop around, chant 1-2 times and then loop around if you’ve only got two done. The TV is the hardest part of the game because chanting will send Billie right for you.
  • Labyrinthine Roots: When you are in the TV room, you’ll go into a room without any doors. You’ll need to spin around until a door appears. If you’re friends with Billie then just wander through the rest of it until you spot a window into your room. If you’re not friends with Billie, you’ll wander around until you see them, turn around and run the other way.
  • Uproot: Heartburn: Go to the heart and chant.

Chapter 3 (TV Series 999)

Branching Point: Find all keepsakes and return them to their original owners before casting Uproot.

  • Chrysalis of Rebirth: A lot of folks recommend going to your brothers room, but I just did it outside of the bedroom which seemed fine. You just have to wait.
  • Black Eye: The knife and meat are in the room with you.
  • Organ Donor: This one is easy! Just don’t look behind you, the stalker only attacks if you look behind you (or maybe if you stay too long in one spot, I never tested it). Go straight without looking behind you to the kitchen, grab the cellphone then turn around.
  • Uproot: Heartburn: You’ll need to get the headphones from the bathroom balcony. Then you can proceed to the heart and get the Good Ending. If you have given all the keepsakes back, you’ll get the True ending.

Keepsake Locations

  • Picture Frame: Automatic at the start of the chapter. It goes to the old lady near the TV room.
  • Head: This is in the TV room (don’t turn the TV off) and goes to the girl in the Engawa that can randomly jump you. You’ll need to pace around a bit to trigger her to give it back to her.
  • Headphones: Bathroom balcony, they go to the rocker in the crawlspace.
  • Cellphone: Required to get past Organ Donor. It’s in the kitchen.
  • Lost Wallet: This is located at the heart, before you finish you’ll need to return to the entrance and give it back to the follower there.

Once all keepsakes have been returned, the house is fully safe and there will be nothing to get you.

Chapter 4 (TV Series 1000)

Branching Path: After surviving, you can return to the heart for the Truth End.

There’s only one part of this chapter, surviving for eight minutes. You can get the G.O.A.T. achievement if you don’t die, which is actually easy.

To survive, once you see the subtitles for an event take a pause and find out what to do. We survived our first go through on this. Stay around the bathroom balcony as it solves about half of them and if you get crows, you can simply go into the hallway, if you get branches, you’re right beside your room, if you get the predator, you’re safe staring at the door, etc.

Survival Guide

Don’t use the book, just pause and come back to this or remember the list:

  • Cloud of Fleshflies: Buck is hunting you, just run room to room until they’re gone.
  • Tempestuous Murder: You’ll hear crows and see them outside. Go to an interior room with no windows.
  • Hush of the Deep Woods: Everything goes quiet, just make a noise (open a door or turn the TV on / off) every 15 seconds.
  • Summon Ultrapredator: Go to a room with just one entrance (the kitchen, bathroom balcony, etc.) and stare at the door.
  • Stygian Canopy: Edges of the screen will have tree branches start spawning. Go either to the heart or your bedroom and stare at lit candles.
  • Call of the Seventh Knock: Either wait for the seven knocks and go through the door they’re knocking on or just wait in the middle of the room and don’t leave.
  • Death of Death: Corpses rise from the Rotblooms, go to the bathroom balcony and wait.
  • Spiteful Dwelling: Just go to the exit, either via the bathroom balcony or the front door. Don’t use stairs or moving doors.
  • Fumigating Miasma: Go to your bedroom or bathroom balcony.
  • Megafauna Homonid: Don’t be in the room with it and don’t look at it.
  • Summon Firstbornes: Rush to the heart and wait for the lights to flicker out. Can last for minutes.

Sucker for Love: Date to Die For Achievements

The game only has a few achievements that you can miss if you’re going for all the true endings. That’s Iron Cog and The G.O.A.T.

  • Iron Cog: After eating the meat in chapter 1’s rotbloom ritual, go to the northern room and click the box. Doesn’t reset progress.
  • Thirst Quencher: Spray Rhok’zan with the bottle.
  • Nope: Back away from a door with a threat behind it.
  • BFFs: Get the true ending to Chapter 1.
  • Welcome to Sacramen-Cho: Get a bad ending.
  • Trigger Discipline: Don’t bonk Nanni with the bass in chapter 1.
  • True Strength: Befriend Billie
  • Lost and Found: Get the true ending to chapter 3 by returning all the keepsakes.
  • The G.O.A.T.: Survive chapter 4 without dying. Reload if you do.
  • Bad Kitty!: Spray Nyanlathotep
  • Welcome to the Green Woods: Get the good ending to chapter 4.

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