Kingdom Hearts 3 Review Round up

Well, the time is nearly here. Kingdom Hears 3 is now just days away from a worldwide release. While the game has not quite made it in stores, reviews for the massive title are already hitting the internet. Now, the time has come to take a look at what the world thinks of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Don’t let the three within the title fool you, Kingdom Hearts 3 is far from the third title within the series. With just shy of a dozen within the series, Kingdom Hearts is filled with spin-offs and alternate universes that both entertain and boggle the mind. Now, however, fans of the series are gearing up for the final chapter of the primary narrative.

Some of the top sites within the gaming world have already offered a review of the upcoming title, offering fans a sneak peak at Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out what many video game journalists had to say about the title down below.

Video games are tough to score. More subjective than a simple range of 1-10, it’s hardly possible to claim that a good game is equal to an 8 or a 9. That being said, many journalists still attempt to offer their well contemplated thoughts on the latest titles within the video game industry. Down below, a series of reviews from various sources have been pulled together. Check them out, before seeing for yourself how Kingdom Hearts 3 holds up on Jan. 29.


“What sticks with me is the exciting battle against elemental titans with Hercules, taking Rapunzel out into the unfamiliar wide world for the first time, snapping selfies with Winnie the Pooh, and going toe to toe with Davy Jones. In 2002, as Sora, I left Destiny Islands to travel across the universe and make new friends. In 2019 I brought old ones home, and I had so much fun doing it.” Tamoor Hussain


“I thoroughly enjoyed Square Enix’s evolution of Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay and fidelity to Disney’s beloved animated movies. While the storytelling could use some punching up, Square has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration. Even as I watched the dust settle on the story I wanted to jump right back in to collect everything. But to see all of the events of the Kingdom Hearts games so far culminate is, frankly, weird. Having been given so much time to ruminate, its specific resolutions aren’t all that surprising, but only a marginal impact is lost as a result. I still loved seeing so many characters from throughout this series interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. It’s nice to see that, even so long after the very first game, Kingdom Hearts 3 is so full of heart.” — Jonathon Dornbush


“Whatever the flaws, there is nothing quite like Kingdom Hearts 3, and it’s a wild, wonderful ride as a result. Name one other game where you can watch Elsa belt out Let It Go before hammering some monsters to death with a giant key. I’ll wait.” — Rachel Weber


“Kingdom Hearts isn’t simple anymore; it isn’t just joy and bright colors and Disney heroes. Instead, the conclusion of this story is tangled up in so many conflicting threads, each one a heavy burden on its hero, whose smile now feels unnerving. Kingdom Hearts 3 is an example of what can go wrong when a series that once stood in contrast to its peers as a lighthearted alternative loses its way.” — Allegra Frank

Game Informer:

“While not perfect, Kingdom Hearts III is the game I’ve been waiting for. After finishing it, I was delighted by how satisfied I was with the journey. I traversed worlds with some of my favorite Disney characters, persevered through challenging boss battles, and saw a triumphant finale that only makes me more excited for the future. The series still has a lot of heart, and that’s what makes it so endearing.” — Kimberley Wallace

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