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Warframe Tier List (Pros/Cons & Best Warframe) 2024

Warframe has a lot of Warframes and some of them are free, some are expensive and a lot can be received via the Twitch Prime rewards (i.e. Amazon Prime members on Twitch). The question a lot of players have is what are the best Warframes. For me it’s clearly Octavia, the ball that rolls around and the damage and the buffs are just so powerful and the music is very fun. For many others, it’s going to be something like Gauss or Wisp.

We’ve put together a tier list of the best (highest damage / survivability / team play) all the way down to the Warframes that may sometimes look cool but won’t have that output you want.

Remember if you have Amazon Prime you can get the Prime sets via Twitch, which can help build out your portfolio of Warframes. Really cool!

Often times you’ll hear play what you want and that still remains true here; but I’d suggest also maybe sticking with the tried-and-true powerhouses.

S Tier – The Best Warframes in Warframe

  • Gauss: High mobility and damage output.
  • Mesa: Excellent damage output and crowd control capabilities.
  • Octavia: Powerful damage and support abilities, great for team play.
  • Saryn: Incredible area-of-effect damage and crowd control.
  • Voidrig: Strong offensive power and high survivability.
  • Wisp: Versatile support Warframe with buffs and crowd control.

A Tier – Strong Warframes

You can’t go wrong with any of the below Warframes.

  • Baruuk: Good damage and crowd control abilities.
  • Citrine: Offers good damage and crowd control.
  • Equinox: Dual-purpose Warframe with versatile abilities.
  • Gara: Strong defensive abilities and damage potential.
  • Harrow: Support Warframe with powerful ability combinations.
  • Ivara: Versatile Warframe with utility, invisibility, and damage.
  • Khora: Jack-of-all-trades Warframe with damage, healing, and crowd control.
  • Lavos: Unique abilities that provide versatile utility.
  • Mirage: Excellent damage output and crowd control.
  • Nezha: Good survivability and crowd control abilities.
  • Nidus: Strong offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Nova: Powerful crowd control and damage amplification.
  • Protea: Versatile Warframe with good damage and utility.
  • Revenant: Good survivability and crowd control.
  • Rhino: Tanky Warframe with crowd control abilities.
  • Sevagoth: Strong offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Styanax: Offers good damage and crowd control.
  • Titania: Excellent mobility and damage output.
  • Trinity: Support Warframe with healing and damage reduction abilities.
  • Vauban: Strong crowd control and area denial abilities.
  • Volt: Versatile Warframe with good damage and crowd control.
  • Voruna: Offers good damage and crowd control.
  • Xaku: Unique abilities that provide versatile utility.
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B Tier – Solid Options for Specific Tasks

When we say average, we mean yeah you can play it but it’s not going to do anything special. Especially Excalibur. Excalibur is good, but it’s notable good.

  • Ash: Efficient killer with good damage output.
  • Atlas: Mediocre melee brawler with decent damage.
  • Banshee: Damage boosting powerhouse with crowd control.
  • Bonewidow: Offers good damage and crowd control.
  • Caliban: Offers good damage and crowd control.
  • Excalibur: Melee-centric damage dealer with solid crowd control.
  • Frost: Premier defensive Warframe with good crowd control.
  • Garuda: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Grendel: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Hildryn: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Inaros: Self-healing, self-resurrecting tank with high crowd control.
  • Limbo: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Loki: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Oberon: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Valkyr: Average with situational usefulness.
  • Wukong: Good survivability and damage output.
  • Zephyr: Average with situational usefulness.

D Tier – Average or Only Situationally Useful

These are just generally nah.

  • Hydroid: Versatile crowd controller with a drop boosting mod.
  • Nyx: Average Warframe with situational usefulness.
  • Yareli: Average Warframe with situational usefulness.

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