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Best Weapons, Best Armor and Other Top Tips – A Dauntless Beginner’s Guide to Success

It's time to bring you Dauntless experience to the next level.

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Epic Games’ new free-to-play behemoth slayer Dauntless is out now. Filled with raging monsters and wonderful experiences, players are now picking up their controllers and flocking to their keyboards. With that in mind, we have developed a quick guide of useful tips for all of the passionate Dauntless fans out there.

Best Weapons

There are a number of weapons to choose from in Dauntless. That being said, all weapons are not created equal. Here is a quick breakdown of the top five weapons in Dauntless.

Ostian RepeatersThese weapons are nothing to scoff at. With the right build, they can deal some serious damage. Consider building a Marksman Chamber and Blaze Barrel on your repeaters, for instance.
Inferno’s RazorIf you are using a maxed out Overpower perk, the weapon’s incredible blaze damage and the weapon’s unique ability all at once, this sword can deal up to 880 damage. If you need blaze damage, this weapon really is a must.
Valomyr’s RevengeWith a power rating of 550, this weapon will deal upwards of 550 bonus radiant damage when fully charged.
Stalker’s StrikeThis weapon provides a unique ability that allows the player to collect Shadow Orbs, which increase the weapon’s damage by 2.5% every five seconds.
Raging CrashThis weapon offers no elemental damage. As a neutral weapon, the Raging Crash can be a wonderful base weapon for when your elemental damage dealers can’t quite get the job done.

Take Advantage of Your Flares

This is a simple tip, but an effective one. When you and your team and faced with the initial task of hunting down a behemoth, split up. Then use one of your flares whenever you find one of these massive monsters.

This is a great way to alert your allies to the location of their first quarry. You will cut down on your hunting time by using this method, allowing your party more time for the fun part of Dauntless.

Best Armor

If you want to bring your Behemoth slaying skills to the next level, then you are going to want to grab some high quality armor. Here are the top five armor sets you should keep an eye out for.

Pangar ArmorThis well-balanced piece of gear offers a single offensive perk and two defensive perks. If you are new to the game, then you can’t really go wrong with Panger Armor.
Nayzaga ArmorThis armor uniquely offers a +6 Medic perk, making it a great fit for players looking to revive teammates.
Embermane ArmorThis armor set is great for whenever you need protection from blaze behemoths. Outside of that, this armor offers some really nice defensive perks.
Shrowd ArmorThe Shrowd Set can be incredibly fun. The armor grants you fun perks as your health decreases. You even have a chance to avoid death all together thanks to the Nine Lives Perk.
Rezakiri ArmorIf you want an armor set that primarily boosts your damage, then this armor set is for you.

Dodge Rolling Can Save Your Life

Dodge rolling is a great defensive tool in Dauntless. In fact, the technique can make you momentarily invincible.

There are a handful of frames during the rolling animation that make your character invincible. Use this technique to your advantage by staying quick on your feet and timing your rolls with behemoth attacks.

Stay Neutral During the Early Game

There are five elemental types within the world of Dauntless, being frost, shock, blase, terra and neutral. Neutral, more accurately, is the non-existence of one of the other elements. Consequently, using a neutral weapon may at first seem like a disadvantage. However, these weapons will uniquely be well equipped to deal with any and all enemies.

A blaze weapon will be weaker to blaze resistant enemies. Likewise, shock weapons will be less effective against shock resistant enemies. That being said, neutral weapons will always be deadly.

Eventually you are going to want to expand your arsenal to include weapons of every variety. For the early game, however, try to stick to the neutral weapons. It will be costly and difficult to garner effective weapons of every elemental type early on.

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