FFXIV Level 90 Gearing Up Guide – Endwalker 2023

This is a tier list to gearing up of sorts. We’ve got the best armor sets listed out and how to get each from starting (Moonward) to the current endgame gear set. If you’re looking to get max level fast, check out our leveling guide. Gear while you’re leveling up is based on what you get from the MSQs and duty drops. Max level is going to require roulettes and dungeons. Let’s dig into it!

Gearing Up Fast

The Moonward gear set (item level 570) is the easiest to obtain using Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, earned through roulettes and level 90 dungeons. Moonward fills gear gaps while working towards higher item levels.

Clearing normal Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids gives Unsung Relics to trade for Limbo gear (item level 580). Repeatedly clearing Zodiark Extreme earns Astral Totems to buy Eternal Dark accessories (item level 580). Clearing Hydaelyn Extreme earns Umbral Totems to buy Divine Light weapons (item level 580).

The Classical gear set (item level 580) can be bought from crafters or the market board. It is the fastest way to get item level 580 for endgame content.

Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy from roulettes and level 90 dungeons buy Radiant’s gear (item level 590). Upgrading Radiant’s gear to Augmented (item level 600) requires materials from clearing Savage raids.

The Asphodelos gear set (item level 600/605) comes from clearing Savage Pandaemonium raids by earning coffers from loot rolls or Asphodelos Mythos tokens from each fight. Asphodelos weapons are item level 605.

When gearing up, prioritize higher item level first, then best-in-slot stats and materia melds for your job. Managing stats is only critical for high-end duties.

Gear by Item Level

Moonward (item level 570)

  • Earned with Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism from roulettes and level 90 dungeons

Limbo (item level 580)

  • Earned with Unsung Relics from clearing normal Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids

Eternal Dark Accessories (item level 580)

  • Earned with Astral Totems from repeated Zodiark Extreme clears

Divine Light Weapons (item level 580)

  • Earned with Umbral Totems from repeated Hydaelyn Extreme clears

Classical (item level 580)

  • Purchase from crafters or market board

Radiant’s (item level 590)

  • Earned with Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy from roulettes and level 90 dungeons

Augmented Radiant’s (item level 600)

  • Upgrade Radiant’s gear with materials from Savage raids

Asphodelos (item level 600/605)

  • Earned from clearing Savage Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids via loot rolls or Asphodelos Mythos tokens

What to Do First at Level 90

Moonward Set will be the aim. You’ll want to just do dungeons to get the drops. It’ll be a bit of a grind, but using the dungeon finder and finding a group to play with regularly will really help. FFXIV is a community oriented game, so finding someone in the game to help with gearing up is totally a valid way to approach it too. It can be kinda difficult to figure everything out at first and thankfully you can just buy some really good gear from crafters.

You can save your gil though and work with crafters (and farm some of the materials) to get the gear at a much cheaper cost than through the market though.

However you want to gear up is up to you. Enjoy your adventure!

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