How to Set up Your Switch

Are you dipping your toes into the Nintendo pool for the first time? We're here to help you start the rest of your Switch filled life.

So you took the plunge, you bought a Switch, but now you have to set everything up before you can swim in all that Nintendo goodness. Don’t forget that before you can play any games on your Switch that first, you have to actually OWN them, so if you didn’t get a few games when you initially bought the system then you can pause this article to go get some, don’t worry we’ll wait……………………….. ok now that you’re back let’s get into it. When you pull everything out of the box you should be left with some pretty simple parts, an HDMI cable, a U shaped dock, one left and one right joy-con, two joy-con tops, and a joy-con holder, oh and of course the Switch itself.

Now to start playing the most important part is hooking up the HDMI cable to the back of a compatible TV, so if all you have is an old school CRT TV, which is basically the gigantic heavy old style TV with only A/V cables (The three cords with the white, yellow and red tips) then you are going to have to get an HDMI to composite converter, also what century are you living in? Once you find the HDMI port on either the back or side of your TV just plug it in and make sure it’s also plugged into the back of the Switch dock and honestly you’re most of the way there!

It’s important to note that you may need to charge your Joy-Cons before you can use them from a distance so we recommend either waiting to start the next part but charging them on the sides of your Switch console or just doing this on your Switch screen instead of your TV. Now it’s important to note that if you had a 3DS then you’ve already had to make a Nintendo profile before so it should be fairly easy to pull up the info that you’ll need to so that you can put your account on your new Switch. For those out there who haven’t, or that forgot their passwords, you have a completely different process to go through, you’ll have to create a brand new Nintendo ID with your email and a password, pretty simple right? Then you get to pick your profile pic to represent you, plus you get to show off who is your favorite Nintendo character so it’s a win-win. With that, you are all set up to play your new console! Good luck and have fun!

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