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Huntdown Tips and Survival Guide | Gaming Tier List

Huntdown Tips and Survival Guide

Huntdown is the latest cyberpunk themed 2d side scroller to roll out and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s tough and gorgeous and just beautiful, but it can be a bit brutal at times. So here is some tips on surviving the world of Huntdown and keeping your bounty hunter alive. With Huntdown on Steam let’s look at some ways to survive better and make it through this awesome side scrolling masterpiece.

Think Contra

The game plays in the style of Contra, so if you channel Contra then you should be able to get through a lot of the game pretty well. For instance, move slowly through the city and take on only as many enemies are you’re prepared too. One of the fun things but oft mistakes of playing Contra the first time is running forward full speed. You have to learn the pattern of where the enemies are and how to deal with them, so the first few goes at a map (assuming you ever perish, which I hope you don’t) you want to take things slowly and aim and learn where enemies are coming from, how many, etc.

Boss Fights are all Literal Patterns

The boss fights are all literal patterns where the boss will attack, then expose a brief moment to counter attack, then attack, etc. You have to just learn the pattern of each boss and be ready to fail the boss battle a few times to get it down. That’s kind of the charm of the game, failure isn’t failure, it’s just learning.

Exception is the achievements. Suki the Sniper for instance has an achievement for finishing her off with her own missile (taste of her own medicine). Nadja Drago has one for him hitting you into the goal (slap shot). So in those cases you’ll want to play with positioning and making sure to pull off the achievement requirement.

Conserve Ammo

The primary gun of your bounty hunter has unlimited ammo and should be used most of the time. Weapons you pickup usually have limited ammo which you also have to scrounge for and you’re going to want for the bigger enemies, larger packs of enemies and the boss fight. Don’t forget your other weapons, but at the same time learn to be good with the default weapon and you’ll find the game actually becomes a bit easier.

Kick + Shotgun

So if an enemy gets close to you, kick them away and then hit them with the shotgun or whatever alternate weapon you have. Don’t just accept the damage or let them be in range to hit you.

Kills Must be on Screen to Count

To up the score, you have to make sure the enemy finishes burning or collapses on the ground for the kill to count. So don’t rush off scene too fast.

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