Legends of Idleon: Killroy’s Slaughterhouse Guide

Killroy’s Slaughterhouse is a feature in world 2 of Legends of Idleon. It’s a feature that provides class locked rooms that allow you to farm a seemingly unlimited wave of enemies in exchange for skulls, which can be spent inside of the skull shop.

Killroy Basics

As any town character that’s not hidden, they’re rather easy to find. Killroy is on a stack of skulls to the left of the alchemy pot.

What Does “Enter Fight” Do and When Does it Reset?

Enter Fight allows you to enter the fight where you can farm skulls. It’ll show you the class, seen below:

As you can see here, it’s locked to the Archer class. The room reset timer is displayed below. Each week a different class and enemy is chosen. In this instance, it’s the wood boards.

Killroy’s Shop

The following items are for sale:

  • Random Time Candies (1hr, 4hr, 12hr) – 5
  • Black Pearl (Skill EXP up to 30) – 9 Best Value for Journeymen
  • White Pearl (Class EXP) – 10 Pretty good A tier item
  • Guaranteed Crystal Mob – 3 Interesting, really good way to use your skulls if you need crystal cards.
  • Dungeon Loot Dice – 6 This gives you 2 dice if you need to catch up on dungeon runs
  • 6 Balls – 4 literally just 6 balls, eh
  • 2 Library Checkouts – 8 wow yeah this is pretty good
  • 1 Refinery Cycle – S tier yeah why buy anything else to be honest
  • 2 Pet eggs – 8
  • 6 Kitchen Ladles – 5

Combat & Tips

The map is pretty broad and you can move around a bit. The best strategy is to fight in one area for a few seconds until spawns start happening and then saving your skills to move in and AOE mobs down. Naturally specific classes are going to do much better, for instance the Warrior classes can use the small platforms to AoE everything down at once.

Unlike the Colosseum, you’re really just wanting skull drops. So don’t focus too much on trying to chain the kills as much as quantity.

There’s a 2nd room available when you hit world 4.

Roguelike Elements

At the end of each run you can upgrade your runs. The first slot gives you 1 more second (so more chances for skulls). The next slot gives talent points. Pick the upgrade you want after each run, noting that it does take a bit to reset.

You Can Do Two Runs for 200 Gems

You can do another run for 200 gems to get double the skulls during a weekly reset.

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