Rose Colored Gaming: Koffin Acrylic Game Storage Review

There’s a few things that’s kind of hard to find in the world of video game collecting and one of them is hilariously enough storage solutions. It’s quite difficult to obtain some method to store and display physical games which is where Rose Colored Gaming’s “Köffin” comes in. A full acrylic shell to cover your game from all edges and protect it from the elements while allowing you to still see the full game inside.

About RCC’s Koffin

Coming in two variants, a base model at ~$20 USD and a UV protective model at ~$30. They are actually quite extremely expensive with the most sincere honesty here when it comes to game storage. The general plastic covers that you can buy in bulk come maybe a dollar a piece; if you buy from a game store sometimes they’ll charge you a few bucks each. These those come with a hefty price tag.

You are paying for what is effectively a high quality product by every measure of that word. You’re dealing with actual quality acrylic which is important because the cheap stuff scuffs and holds fingerprints like no tomorrow. In addition to that, each Koffin has a minimum of six pieces to cover the six sides which are precision milled to fit together like a glove.

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They look great once assembled. Crystal clear.

The Price

You may go like, well I mean, it’s like not that much right but I did a bit of brief research and apparently thick sheets of acrylic like they use, to consumers (which they ain’t getting say Lowe’s wholesale pricing here) they’re quite a lot like, $30-$50 for a sheet which might make a few Koffins at eye judgement. I’m doing some basic research here. Just some simple googles. I’m finding acrylic, especially thicker acrylic, to be a lot more than I thought it was.

Likewise you’re getting really good precision I think milling here, I’m not sure how they’re cutting it but it’s clean and the edges come off polished. The games themselves look great when in the case and the best thing of all the fingerprints don’t show.

Yet again, it is quite the price when compared to regular plastic shells or even the bags you can buy from Dan at Retro Protection. It’s just hard to say it’s worth it and it’s hard to say it’s not, because at the end of the day it’s the most premium product on the market to store and display and protect your games and you get exactly what you pay for.

This is roughly enough to make one of the smaller Koffins by my tabletop math using the literal same material. That’s half the price in material alone.


Would I recommend outfitting your entire collection in these things? Perhaps not. I would, however, say any game you consider a “grail” would be given the proper respect it deserves in a cushy “Koffin” from Rose Colored Gaming. Furthermore, if you’re considering grading a game just to get the protective box, this is a much superior alternative. Nearly the same protection for just $20 a game, $30 if you want exposed to light and not worry about the art fading. Compared to grading a game it’s rather cheap.

So yeah if you’re on the fence about it, I’d use the following guidelines to decide on the purchase:

  • They’re expensive.
  • They look great and protect the game well.
  • They stand on their own.
  • They’re kinda hard to assemble since they are precision sized for the games, some snug fits with the acrylic tabs.
  • Eco friendly flat packaging means you don’t eat extra on shipping.
  • Worth it for any game you want well protected and displayed like retro games.
  • Unsure if UV upgrade is worth it or not. I feel it’s almost mandatory because if you’re at the point you’re putting $20 into a case for a game that retailed at most for $59.99 (on average) then you might as well slap another $10 to protect the case art.
  • Customer service is fast to respond and kind; Discord is available as well for questions.

There you go. I love the three I bought but I probably will stay with three for a bit until I get some more games I feel like deserve the royal treatment. Otherwise I might save the cash for now.

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