NBA 2K19 Beginner’s Guide – 10 Tips to Victory

Let's score some points.

2K Sport’s NBA 2K19 is a slam dunk. The game has garnered great success among fans, having harbored thousands of streaming hours on Twitch since its release. If you want to dive deep into this popular basketball multiplayer, then you are going to need to pick up a few tips and tricks.

  • You are not using the Pick and Roll technique enough. The Pick and Roll is one of the most tried and true techniques in the NBA. In NBA 2K19, however, the move is often underutilized. An offensive player will first set a screen for the player with the ball. The ball carrier will then dribble around the screen and look to score. The screener will then open up to the ball and cut to the basket. You can see an example of the move within the video below.
  • Watch your coverage. This is perhaps an obvious truth, but still an important one. You should not take a shot when the defenders are all over you. The quality of coverage will appear at the top of the screen after each shot. Watch your positioning to avoid knocked down attempts.
  • Shake things up. Yes, the standard jump shot will get you through most drives. However, it is advantageous to remain unpredictable and to fully utilize everything within your arsenal. When shooting from the side, try shooting from the backboard to reduce the chance of mistiming your shot.
  • Keep your opponent guessing with a good hesitation. You can hesitate by moving the right stick towards your dribbling hand and then quickly releasing the action. This will cause your player to move slower in the intended direction, throwing your defender off of your timing.
  • Can’t find space for a jump shot? Use this move. Hold the right trigger before moving the right stick backwards. Then, release the right stick. You will maintain your dribble while quickly creating space between yourself and your defender. Use this moment to execute on a solid jump shot.
  • Can’t shake your defender? Here’s another move. Hesitating can throw your defender off of your game and quickly stuttering backward can create space for a precise jump shot. However, sometimes your defender is just going to be stuck to you. Try pressing the right trigger while bringing your right stick towards the hoop. However, you want to maintain your dribble so don’t stay on the right stick too long. This will act as a fakeout of sorts, as it will appear that you are going in for a shot. However, you are actually staying on the outside. With a little luck, this move will trip up your defender.
  • NBA 2K19 favors the bold. You may want to play it safe and wait for an open three-pointer. However, NBA 2K19 favors teams that apply pressure by aggressively getting into the paint for layups and slam dunks.
  • Want to confuse your defender? Try this. Press and hold the X/A button with whoever is going in for a drive. Once your teammate catches the ball, continue to hold the button and keep making your way towards the hoop. Finally release the button to return the ball to your original offensive player so that can score a shot. This can be a great way to confuse your defenders and, with a little luck, to shake off heavy coverage.
  • If you need to get away from your defender, give this move a shot. The crossover is a staple technique in the NBA. With that in mind, you should be taking advantage of this tactic whenever you can. Simply move the right stick towards your off-ball hand and release. Intermittently throwing in a crossover move can help confuse your defender and potentially provide a window of opportunity. If the standard crossover is not getting the job done, use the right trigger to perform a more aggressive crossover. You can also turn it into a legs crossover by moving the right stick towards your off-hand and a little towards your back.
  • If you want to add some spice to your techniques, try this. The behind the back technique does not accomplish much on its own. However, you can use this technique in combination with other ones to keep your opponents guessing. Simply move the right stick away from the basket and then release. Your player will then dribble the ball behind his back.

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